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Keeping a Positive Outlook and Attitude to Motivate Employees

Keeping a positive outlook and attitude to motivate employees is something a manager must consistently work at. Motivation is key to helping employees stay enthusiastic and productive in their work, even when difficulties arise.

Having a positive outlook can go a long way in motivating employees - every one prefers working with someone who is optimistic about the capabilities of their staff and the direction of their work. And when someone is positive and energetic about their work, that feeling can be contagious and spread to the rest of the staff.

One way to keep a positive outlook is to focus on what is ahead and not the past. Dwelling on past mistakes not only frustrates the manager, but the staff as well. Learn from past problems and mistakes and move on. Employees will be happier because they are active and engaged in the current work and not bogged down by what they could have done better. It is okay to mention past issues, but it can be de-motivating to focus on them.

Instead of just posing problems to the staff, give them ideas for solutions.Show employees through example how to problem-solve. Be honest with employees about their progress - if they are doing something wrong, you can tell them so, but offer ideas on how they can remedy the problem. Instead of just criticism, give insight and communicate enthusiasm about the work they're doing.

Sometimes, actions speak louder than words and body language can convey a positive outlook to employees.Attentively listening, smiling, and making eye contact demonstrates an interest in what employees have to say, which will make them feel more involved and motivated. On the other hand, if someone appears disinterested by looking away or crossing their arms, it can convey that what the employee is saying is not important or that the manager just doesn't care. Something as simple as body language can play a huge difference on how motivated the staff feels.

Don't be afraid to use humor.Often, keeping a sense of humor and taking things in stride will make everyone feel more comfortable and happy. However, it is important not to confuse humor with sarcasm or to make jokes at someone else's expense. Keep humor positive and as a tool to reduce stress of the staff.

Look for ways to express your positive outlook to the staff. When someone does something right, take notice. One way to do this is to have some kind of signal when someone succeeds - like ringing bell when someone makes a sale or successful contact. This gives a simple, immediate reward and even small acknowledgements can improve employee morale.

Seek ways to get the staff to work as a team. Involve the staff in meetings and listen to their ideas. Feeling involved is a big motivation and will increase productivity. Another way to build teams is to create some friendly competition between departments. Set goals and create competition by offering a reward to the group who achieves the goal first. Make sure that competition doesn't become too much of a focus that it ceases to be lighthearted and fun.

Remember that things will go wrong. Employees not meet expectations or a project fails.During these moments, take some time to be alone. It is usually when emotions are high, people say things they don't mean and can have a negative impact on the entire staff.There is nothing wrong with closing the door of the office or even leaving the building to take a few minutes to just breathe and think through the problem at hand. It is much easier to make decisions and come up with solutions with a level head. By doing this, employees may react to problems in the same way, which is healthier and more productive.

It only takes a few tactics to really make a difference in the workplace. And when the manager has a positive outlook and attitude, employees will most likely feel the same.

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