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Six Sigma Training

This article will give an overview of the basics of six sigma training, where you can find six sigma training, and what six sigma training can do for your company.
Six sigma is a management and quality control approach that utilizes specific statistical and observational tools in order to improve and increase the value of your company's processes and products, particular from a customer's point of view.

When you are looking to implement six sigma training within your company, you need to remember that six sigma training is just like when you put any other company wide program into place.The first thing that you need to do is develop the content of the training, its framework and materials.The harder part of six sigma training, or any other training, is getting your employees to change the way that they think about management and controlling processes and the culture of your organization.
Six sigma training is one of the most efficient ways to change the culture in your company.Not everyone in your company needs six sigma training, however.Let's start at the top.Senior management, the CEO, CIO, CFO, etc., need to be able to take six sigma objectives and implement them in operational plans that they design.So, for example, a senior management official would come up with a goal to reduce process or product defects by a certain percentage by the end of the year.Senior management officials should have six sigma training that covers an overview of the six sigma program, the benefits of implementing six sigma, both financial and business, different examples of six sigma in the real world, how six sigma can apply to business and industry.They should also know what six sigma training and tools are needed for other members of the company.It is generally recommended that senior management also go through black belt six sigma training.
The next level in your company that needs to receive six sigma training is the process managers.These functional and process managers are the ones who report to the senior management.It can include the functional managers from finance departments, human resources, training, etc.Functional and process managers need six sigma training that includes the six sigma concept, six sigma methodology, six sigma tools and requirements.Functional and process managers are also recommended to receive black belt six sigma training.
Next we come to your quality leaders.Quality leaders, or quality managers, should receive master black belt certification.These leaders or managers actually help the functional and process managers decide the six sigma goals within their particular areas of responsibility.The quality leaders are the ones that keep the budgets, that keep track of the savings in your business costs, make sure that training goals are achieved, actually coach the functional and process managers along with the project leaders and project employees, are the ones that review the progress of your projects, and more.The quality leaders receive the most extensive training in the company.
The next two levels of management are the project leaders, who are black belt certified, and then the employees, who are green belt certified.Now, when you are looking to provide six sigma training for your company, there are a number of different options out there.You need to look carefully at a training company so that you can make sure that they aren't just providing slipshod certification and training that is mostly certification in name, instead of substance.Make sure that you look at the history of a training company, and look at different companies that they have provided training for so that you can see how effective their training is.Remember that it's better to spend a little more money now so that you can actually improve the workings of your company rather than save a little money and not make any improvements at all.

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