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Six Sigma online training

dotcominbriefcase19157840.jpgThere are various benefits to Six Sigma like reducing of wastes, increase in profits, and employee retention. Since Six Sigma is beneficial, most companies want to have their employees trained in Six Sigma or they want them to obtain Six Sigma certification. Six Sigma training takes a lot of time, effort, and money.

You can contact a training team to come in and train each one of your employees and certify them in Six Sigma, but the cost can be almost $30,000 per employee. The other problem with doing mass Six Sigma trainings is that you need to hire temp employees to come in and run the company while your regular employees are off attending training classes for several weeks at a time.

One of the best solutions is to use an online Six Sigma training company. Online Six Sigma training holds several benefits over traditional training. First, it is convenient for everyone. You can stagger your staff so half of them can work on training while the other half focuses on running the office. This allows you to assign the training when it is convenient for you, not convenient for the training firm.

Second, online Six Sigma training is self-paced. Your employees have the ability to go at their own pace so they have enough time to soak in all the information. Bringing a Six Sigma training team into the office often forces people to rush through the information so they can take a certification test within a set number of days. While they may be able to pass the test, it is normally harder to retain information if you are rushed through it. Online training is great because you can keep moving forward with your employees that catch on quickly and you don't have to worry about some of the employees that might hold up the rest of the group.

Third, the cost of online Six Sigma training is much cheaper than traditional training. Since Six Sigma is such a popular method, there are several online companies that offer training in it, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Using the online system provides extra benefits as well like learning tools, quizzes, and videos. Paying for online training can save your company thousands of dollars and it provides you with the ability to have certain employees trained in specific areas like Master Black Belts. Once you sign up all your employees, you just need to establish which employees need the training for Black Belts and how many employees you plan to certify.

While online Six Sigma training does come with its fair share of pluses, there is a downside to it. Since it is self-paced, some employees tend to put it off. If your managers are not logging in to see which employees have completed the courses, you may never get all your employees to go through the training program in a timely manner. To combat this problem, set up dates for when specific training principles must be completed and then have your managers check on employees to see if they are meeting the goals. Employees that are slow may need extra time on the training program or you may need to remove them from their regular job duties for a few days since they may be interfering with their training.

Always do your research before you select an online training company. Since there are several options, start with companies that you have heard of. Talk to some of your colleagues to find out which training companies they used and if they are having success with cost reduction.

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