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A look at process measurements and controls set up with TQM

For those of you who are considering using total quality management in your manufacturing business you might be wondering what process measurements and controls that you should set up along with total quality management. But before we get into what process measurement and controls to use we need to take a brief look at what total quality management is and how it works. The reason why we need to do that is that in order to understand how you are going to measure the process and what controls you are going to need to set up to measure these processes you are going to need to know what total quality management is and how it works to help ensure that you are setting up the correct process measurements and controls.

Basically total quality management or TQM is a manufacturing process that is used to help improve your manufacturing process, basically make your manufacturing better. The reason for this is that through the implementation of total quality management you will take a look at your entire organization to see what needs to be improved to help your manufacturing process. The main goals to total quality management is to produce products and services that are free from defects, manufacture products that are using less waste and in combination with the previous two goals the main goal is to deliver quality products and services to your customers. What this basically means is that you are keeping your customers happy through total quality management by giving them products or services that satisfies their needs, meaning they are getting a great product for the price that they are paying.

But in order to be sure that this program is working for you we need to take a look at process measurements and controls that are set up with total quality management. Here is a look at some of the tools that you can use for process measurement and controls set up with TQM.
- Pareto chart -The basic purpose for the Pareto chart in general is to highlight the most important among a large set of factors, but in quality controlthe chart is basically used to represent the most common sources of defects, the highest occurring type of defect, or anything else that you are trying to determine.
- Process mapping - this is actually the initial step that is involved in understanding or improving any kind of process. Basically what happens is that you need to gather information so that you can create a model of what actually happens, which activities, take place during a certain process. These maps actually help teams understand the process and can help them identify areas of improvement.
- Flowchart - this is actually a part of process mapping but in this chart you use certain symbols to show exactly what steps are involved in a process and if the flowchart cannot be drawn using those symbols that means that the process is not fully understand. The purpose of the flowchart is to learn why the current process operates the way it does and to identify problems and weaknesses, unnecessary steps or duplicate steps and the objectives of the improvement effort.
- Force field analysis - this is actually a technique that is used for identifying forces which might help or hinder achieving a change or improvement. This process works by assessing the forces that prevent making the change so that plans can be developed to overcome them. But this also identifies forces that will help with the change. And once everything has been identified and analyzed you can decide if a proposed change is viable.

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