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A look at quality engineering

gears15607918.jpg Quality engineering will help you improve your manufacturing processes so that you can ensure that your products and your services will fulfill all of your customers' needs and requirements, and then even hopefully exceed your customers' needs.Quality engineering will help you development manufacturing systems that work with other areas of your organization in order to help you track and maintain the quality of your goods and your services so that your customers and your shareholders are satisfied.

A systematic approach to quality measurement and engineering was not really a part of manufacturing organizations until the 1930s.Quality engineering really started as a way to look at the cost of the scrap that was produced by industrial manufacturing and how much it would cost to rework manufacturing products that did not meet standards for customers and their needs and demands.When mass production really took off during World War Two, then quality engineering became incredibly important as quality control ensured the proper working of weapons, airplanes, and other products that were central to the war.Walter A. Shewhart, who worked at Bell Labs, really began what is known as Statistical Quality Control, an approach to quality control which was inaugurated with his memorandum sent out in 1924.

Statistical Quality Control was an important development in the history of quality control and quality engineering because it intiated the idea of random inspection, rather than the impossible task of 100% inspection of every single product made by a manufacturing process.However, random inspection still does not equate the idea of engineering product quality into the manufacturing processes themselves, rather than just looking to see if products meet quality standards after they have been produced, and then tossing out those products which do not meet quality standards and the demands of customers.

Statistical control is a valuable tool that is absolutely integral to the successful implementation of quality engineering.Statistical process control will help you implement six sigma within your manufacturing processes, so that you will only have the likelihood of failure within six standard deviations.If you manage to bring your manufacturing processes to that level of quality control, then your probability of failure is only going to be less than four one-millionths.Six Sigma levels of quality don't have to be confined to only manufacturing processes, but also should be applied to other areas of your organization, such as clerical processes, accounting work, and every other aspect of your organization.

Implementing a company wide approach to quality engineering will not only focus on your manufacturing processes, but will also seek to control the quality of the elements of your company organization-job management, processes, performance, record identification-competence of your organization-knowledge, experience, qualifications-and the soft elements of the company, including integrity, culture, team spirit, and quality.If any of these different aspects of your company are deficient in any way, then the overall quality of your products will be at risk.It is to your benefit to hire quality engineers who will look at the quality of your manufacturing processes along with all of the different elements of your company's organization, from the people to the attitude of the higher level employees and the overall culture of the company.Quality engineering and quality management can be ensured by a number of different approaches to quality management.It will be important that you choose the approach to quality engineering and management that is the best fit for your company and your company's goals and products and services.

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