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A run down of lean manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is a type of manufacturing where unneeded tools and parts are tossed aside, and the production process runs smoother and faster.The whole goal of lean manufacturing is to cut costs and reduce waste.While producing the product the quality and safety of the produces is supposed to increase because of the decreases amount of the unneeded materials.You can also produce more of the product with out wasting time. When you are a business owner and you are looking for a good way to produce your product a lot of research is involved.The decision of finding a good manufacturing system can be stressful and you have to explore all of the available options. Lean manufacturing is certainly an option you might want to consider.The Toyota Company uses the lean manufacturing method.Let's talk about the Toyota Company, and the history of lean manufacturing.
TPS (Toyota Production Systems)
The idea of lean manufacturing started with TPS.Three men by the names of Sakichi Toyoda, Kiichiro Toyoda, and Tiiachi Ohno came up with the logics of lean manufacturing.While visiting the united stated in early 1920, they were able to take a tour of Henry Ford's assembly line.The three men where said to be very unimpressed with the manufacturing process.Then they made a trip to a grocery store and where awed by the soda machine.They thought the idea of a customer choosing what they want and then another one product automatically takes the place of the previous item.

Toyota then began their own company where they produce cars. Today Toyota is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world.Toyota began the process of producing when demand is needed instead of having a large amount of inventory available.They wanted their employees to level out their work load so that things would get finished efficiently and with quality.In order to reduce over production they only make the product when the product is needed.To increase quality of the product they fixed problems when they arise during product rather then letting the product leave the factory with problems.Because of this great break through of manufacturing, other companies have tried to follow the TPS standards.
Lean manufacturing is really one of the best ways to manufacture a product.This system allows products to be made with quality and assurance.Employees will be happy to be producing a good product for their customers.The fact that waste from product is being eliminated is a breath of fresh air for the customer and the companies.No one wants extra things that they don't need.Product producers don't want to spend the extra money on something that does not improve the product.The idea of TPS has really improved the manufacturing world.
If you are own a company and are looking for advice on what kind of manufacturing you should use to produce your product then do your research.There are many ways that you can make your product. Think about what is important to you and your company.Also think about the customer and your environment.Make your product with quality while reducing the amount of unneeded materials.The purpose of lean manufacturing is to get things right in the right amount of time and with the most quality as possible.You should also be able to easily change your production for the best.Your work should also be easy to understand and manage.

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