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An in-depth look at mass customization

buildings19268963.jpg Take an in- depth look at mass customization and see how mass customization can gain product sales for businesses.With mass customization, the idea is to use mass production and still get some customization for the individual customers.The customization is in relation to the product features.

This can include more than just product color or simple add-ons.With mass customization, the customer is a co-designer.This enables a business to meet the needs of each individual customer and their preference.Mass customization will also have stable solution space and adequate pricing and cost per product.

Having customers be co-designers will enable mass customization to be beneficial to both customer and company.Companies can have a customer put their likes into a product by defining, configuring, matching, or modifying the products to their individual needs.The co-design is accomplished in a company to customer interaction and cooperation.

This interaction and cooperation allow the customer to get their exact needs for the product.The company can communicate the ability or inability to accomplish the needs.This interaction between company and customer instills a loyalty to the company from the customer.When the customers involved can get exactly what they want they are more likely to return for future purchases.

When a company can meet the needs of each individual customer through mass customization, that company might need to change the strategy they have.Mass customization is a differentiation strategy.Customers get the best possible product, fit to their needs to the best of the company's ability.When a business can change the character or content of their products, they can gain a great success in the manufacturing of the products.Mass customization can be done in fit, style, and functionality.

Stable solution space is the space where a mass customization can be done, but its ability has limits.Good mass customization can be characterized as stable yet still flexible and a process that is responsive and will provide a good flow of product.Having value creation within a stable solution space is the main difference between mass customization and conventional or craft customization.Conventional customization will not only reinvent the product for the customer, but the process also. This cuts down on productivity and profit.Mass customization will use stable processes to deliver high variety goods.

With mass customization there is also the need to have adequate price and cost per product.Customers are typically willing to pay a higher price for customization that will reflect their needs and wants.When companies are doing mass customization, they will need to be sure that the price is substantial, and yet affordable to the mass of the customers.

Mass customization works for some companies.Companies will need to realize they need to think and strategize differently.There must be continuous improvement. Management roles may need to be adjusted and be more geared towards making sure every product is to the exact customer preferences.There needs to be very good communication between customer and company.Workers on the other hand will learn to not question what they are making, because it will most likely be different than the last and the next product.

Mass customization has become a trend with car manufacturing companies.But mass customization is not limited to car manufacturing companies.Car companies have liked mass customization, because they can give their customers the exact car inside and out and make a good profit.Customer can choose form a vast variety of what they want added to or put on their car or vehicle and the factory will customize it at the factory.This can be done will little change to the process of the manufacturing of the car.

An in-depth look at mass customization will enable business to see if they can profit from producing products that are to their customer's exact specifications and still make money.

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