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Automated custom manufacturing


No one really knows what the future holds for any industry or any specific business, but the likelihood that something will be the gossip of today and the reality of the future is quite possible to predict.Manufacturing has been an essential part of modern society for more hundreds of years and most of the economy revolves around businesses figuring out how to make what people want and delivering it to them while turning a profit.This basic idea hasn't changed much, but the way that people will get there will likely change very dramatically in the next few years.

Custom manufacturing processes have been one of the most important developments for modern business in many years and will continue to play a very important role in the way things are produced.But many people believe that it is also going to go in a new direction that will allow for much more customized products to make it into the hands of consumers much faster than ever imagined.When the latest gadget is announced, it is almost always several months or even years before it is available to the public.This process could be dramatically shortened and allow for more flexibility in the production process.

Automated custom manufacturing doesn't sound too crazy until you realize that it means that machines could be producing the products we buy every day without the need to have a hand pressing buttons or managing batch size or production speed.Automated processes have made their way into almost every industry and are greatly increasing the efficiency of manufacturing all over the world.But the time when machines are overlooked by machines could be closer than many people think.

Many analysts believe that it is time for mass production to end and for custom production to be the thing of the present.This doesn't mean that the needs of people would completely change or that they would stop wanting things that they needed in the past, but it would mean that when a consumer has an idea for a product they would like to have at home, that they can just go online and have it made specifically for them and no one else.The implications of having a process like this implemented are very far reaching and could dramatically change the way that the whole global economy works, but some companies are already making strong movements in this direction.

The world of automated custom production would likely start small and be a commodity for the elite and the wealthy that have both the time and the money to engage in such a process.But like most consumer products, the time would come when automated manufacturing would be a standard and everyone would be able to design and make a new pair of shoes just as they check their email now.Imagine the process and how it could work.Most products would still be created or formed from some kind of template or pre-conceived notion about how it should be made.The framework would be the same for most of the products made with the ability to customize any part of the product.

So having shoes made could go something like this:Visit the website of the manufacturer you are looking to work with and find a template for the type of shoes you want.You choose to make some athletic shoes and then choose the materials that will make up your shoes.You'll choose the color, the fabric, the size and every other detail about the product you want.You will then submit it to the manufacturer who will analyze the choices you have made and then decide if it can be done according to the specs you have listed and then confirm when it would be started.All of the specs would then be sent to special manufacturing machines that would produce the shoe for you and ship it to your house for you to use in record time.

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