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Benefits of anti-fatigue floor matting


If your legs and feet are prone to swelling because you stand on them all day, you need to consider anti-fatigue floor matting. These mats can be purchased for around $50 and higher and they can create a safer workplace. Fast food restaurants often use anti-fatigue floor matting to make the workplace more productive. Employees are able to stand on them for several hours without causing excess strain on their legs and feet.

Anti-fatigue floor matting can also prevent injuries due to slips and falls on hard floors. The material of the floor mats grabs onto the surface of the floor and onto the surface of the shoe, causing the two to stick together. Anti-fatigue floor matting can also prevent dishes and glass objects from breaking if they are accidently dropped on them. The rubber padding is designed to "bounce" the object so that it will not break.

Companies that need their employees to stand for long periods of time need to invest in anti-fatigue floor matting as it can reduce insurance costs. Insurance companies will give you a discount because you are trying to prevent workplace accidents. They also notice the added benefit you are giving your employees by reducing the back pain and excess strain on the legs for several hours.

Employees are happier with anti-fatigue floor matting because they provide additional comfort to their bodies. They no longer will have strained back muscles and swollen feet and legs when they return home at the end of the day. Happier employees are more productive, giving your company a higher employee satisfaction rating.

Anti-fatigue floor matting is one of the simplest methods to reduce workplace injuries and accidents. Instead of investing in different equipment or flooring, you simply buy this rubber mat and place it in front of the machine where the employee works. Anti-fatigue floor matting is a must-have in plants and factories that are trying to reduce workplace accidents.

Employees that are experiencing foot pain and leg swelling are not able to focus on their job duties. Their level of concentration is decreased, causing them to neglect some of their job responsibilities. Inattention to their job duties can lead to bigger accidents within the workplace, causing more injuries.

The anti-fatigue floor matting provides a buffer between the employees's feet and the hard cement or tile flooring. This extra shock absorbency can reduce injury to the knees and other joints. Standing at one workstation all day will cause problems for employees. While it is recommended to give employees a chair or a break room where they can sit and rest their feet and legs, companies are now being urged to provide additional comfort to their manufacturing employees. Providing them with anti-fatigue flooring will reduce the soreness on the muscles.

The most popular type of anti-fatigue flooring mats are rubber, although there are some that are carpet, wood, and vinyl. Anti-fatigue flooring has undergone several research studies and employees have found that the flooring significantly decreased their foot, back, ankle, and knee pain.

In addition to including anti-fatigue flooring, you should have all your employees stretch their muscles before starting work. Warming up the muscles can prepare them for a long day at work. The National Health Institute recommends stretching at least 2 times a day. Before work and on your lunch break are ideal times to give your muscles the stretch they need to handle the physical stress of standing on your feet all day.

Purchasing some shoe insoles can also reduce the excess tension that is placed on your lower extremities. The shoe insoles can absorb some of the shock and it can work in areas that are not covered by the anti-fatigue flooring mats.

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