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Benefits of going green in your manufacturing


Going green has been in the mission statement of several manufacturing companies lately. The controversy surrounding global warming and manufacturing companies tends to dominate conversations between environmentalists and manufacturing companies. To reduce waste, several manufacturing companies have begun going green. This leaves the question, "What are the benefits of going green in your manufacturing company?"

Manufacturing equipment can be fast, reliable, and energy efficient. One example of going green is the energy-efficient light bulb. These bulbs use almost half the energy as a standard light bulb and they still produce a good amount of light. Manufacturing companies are using this example and re-vamping their machines. Going green can benefit your manufacturing company in numerous ways. Not only will it benefit the environment, but it will impact the consumer, the shareholders, and the company.

The first benefit to going green is the impact it will have on the environment. Insurance companies are actually giving better rates to manufacturing companies that have taken steps to go green. The government is even offering tax breaks for companies that have gone green.

The second benefit to going green is the money you will save. Look for machinery that is earth friendly. Wind and solar energy can save your company thousands of dollars and it is a simple way to go green. If you can save money on energy, your product costs can go down and your customers will not need to pay as much. You can always maintain the same costs and turn a great profit on your products, helping out your shareholders.

The third benefit to gong green is the help it will provide to the community. Renewable energy sources are considered to be one of the fastest-growing job markets. New manufacturing plants that are opening with renewable energy sources are offering more jobs to their communities, giving them a larger respect in their community. Manufacturing companies that have gone green are expected to employ almost 70 percent of the new jobs in the future; the runner-up is jobs in information technology.

Even though going green has its benefits, it will be a large investment. There are safety concerns that come with going green, especially if you are re-vamping a facility that is currently in use. You will need to shut down parts of the facility while you install new equipment and transform your power source to renewable energy. Although the costs may be high initially, the benefits far outweigh them. Both the manufacturing company and the environment will benefit from going green.

Employees that work for companies that have gone green highly value the company and they often have a higher performance level than other company's employees. Going green also produces a better air quality for the employees and the community. Better air quality is one of the biggest benefits of going green. With the public awareness surrounding going green, it is important to go green to keep your manufacturing company competitive. Some customers have begun purchasing products that are manufactured at facilities that have gone green and they boycott the other companies that do not have green manufacturing plants.

Not only is going green important for your profit margin, it is your responsibility as a company to respect the environment. The current damage to the earth has many concerned about global warming and the air quality. Going green is not only important for your employees and your community, but for the benefit of the entire world. Going green provides a healthier environment, more jobs, and saves money for manufacturing companies. With all the benefits of going green, it is impossible to believe that there are still some companies that have not considered going green yet.

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