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Benefits of joining the Tooling and Manufacturing Association

checkbox63308153.jpgOne of the more popular manufacturing associations is based in the State of Illinois; it is called the Tooling and Manufacturing Association. If you live in Illinois or your business is incorporated in Illinois you would find it beneficial to join this manufacturing association because of the many benefits that it provides. If you do not live in Illinois you should look into your state to see if they offer a manufacturing association that has similar benefits for your manufacturing business.

Here are some of the benefits your manufacturing business will receive if you join the Tooling and Manufacturing Association.

Number one: Government and media relations
Taking advantage of government and media relations is one of the best things that you can do to help create a favorable environment for your business, which doing this is also a great way to help your business to grow and become successful. One thing that you can get through this association is a web-based letter-writing program that will provide you with a way to track and send letters to Washington and Springfield. You can also get support from the TMA Political Action Committee, which is where member contributions support candidates from the State of Illinois, which is a manufacturing business. You will also receive a legislative report that will provide you with information about the legislative session, but it will inform you about the economic viability of your business and manufacturing in general in the Illinois.

Number two
: Marketing and sales support
This manufacturing association is going to help your manufacturing business to expand their reach into the current markets that you are marketing too, but it is also going to help your manufacturing plant to enter into new markets. Entering into new markets is going to allow your business to expand, which can help to increase your revenue and customer base. One thing that you will receive to help you expand your reach in the manufacturing industry is the TMA Online Buyers Guide; you will also receive a printed purchasing guide. Your business will be promoted in these guides so that other companies that are interested can access information about your manufacturing business, but you can do the same for them. You will also be provided with a marketing network and a supplier network that will help you expand your marketing techniques and provide you with seminars on how you can improve your marketing.

Number three
: Information and advice
This manufacturing association like other manufacturing associations will provide you with any recent or past news that can be beneficial to your manufacturing business. It will also provide your manufacturing business with any advice on certain views, such as people's opinions on certain issues that are considered controversial or that have more than one side to them. This information is provided to you through the use of bulletins and directly through the website, all you have to do is log in and sign up for the bulletin. The bulletin can be received through your email or in the mail on paper. If you are a business owner you can receive a discount on their "how-to" information source which will provide you with information on any topic that you need help with.

Number four: Workforce benefits and administrative services
You can also receive support on the most important aspect of your manufacturing business, which is hiring and retaining your employees. You can receive human resources consulting through the phone or email. You can also receive additional services at a discounted rate. There is also information provided on providing your employees with benefits and which benefits you should give to your employees, along with names of companies that you might consider using.

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