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Boosting Your Bottom Line Means Selling More Products

Boosting your bottom line is as simple as making and selling more products.Unfortunately, no one said that it was easy.Many times, it is the selling of more products that seems to be the real problem.To do this, it takes customer loyalty, which will include good buzz and repeat purchases.

In this day of social media, everyone's opinion about everything is known the minute that the person him or herself knows what that opinion is.The biggest problem is that more people will complain than will write anything good.Not only will they complain, they will complain to everyone that posts a comment similar to what they are upset about.They may post that they don't like a restaurant because of the way it dealt with reservations, and when a friend or friend of a friend posts about having problems with a hotel reservation, the person will comment about his or her own bad experience with the restaurant reservation.The two wouldn't have been related five years ago, but now they are partners in creating a bad feeling about the businesses involved.

Fortunately, businesses can create a great impression, and that will be transmitted at the speed of social media across the web.When a friend asks about the best phone company, other friends will be sure to post their reviews both good and bad of every conceivable phone company in that area - and some that are not in that area.

Repeat business is really what every company should be going for.If you have any questions about what repeat business can do for your company, just look at the Disney vacation properties.Families go year after year to the Happiest and Merriest Places on Earth.Everything that Disney does is to encourage people to keep coming back.They strike a balance between keeping things the same, so that people will feel comfortable, and creating the new, so that people do not get bored.This has resulted in a business model that when other entertainments are suffering, the parks buoy up the company.

Repeat customers are also the best recommendation for a company.No matter what the product or service is, when a friend says that he or she uses a particular company for a particular reason every time, you can bet that other people will listen.But here's the kicker - it doesn't have to be a friend.Even a blogger who has no personal relationship with the reader beyond what is in the blog and on the web can influence people to use a product more so than a good advertising campaign.

There are times when a company may have to tighten its belt to make a bigger profit, but the company should strive to do everything to keep its employees happy because they can be the company's greatest champions and worst critics.By treating employees as if they were (and they may very well be) customers, the company can create the employee consumer.Not only does the person work for a company that they respect because of its work practices, but they work for a company whose products they enjoy.The type of motivation can be particularly great for making products that last and that create customer loyalty, as well as creating an employee population that is willing to make sacrifices for the good of the company.

The best problem of all is for a company to not have enough products to meet demand.That may mean that profits go up as prices rise because of normal market conditions - or the company can bring on new employees and expand its operations to meet demand.

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