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Choosing the best postage options

When selecting the best postage option you need to first identify a few things. First, what is it I am mailing and second what is the frequency of my mailings? When dealing with business mail it tends to vary a little from what the average person does when dropping a note to grandma or a card to nieces and nephews. Business mail has a variety of options.

Once you have determined what it is you are mailing and how often you plan to send things out you can better select the method of postage that will work for your company.As things progress and change your needs may as well. It is important that you continue to assess the answers to those two questions so you can adapt your postage options to meet the needs or your company on a continuing basis.

Below are some of the options available that are most common across the United States.Not all options are necessarily available in all areas so you will need to verify before committing to an idea.

United States Postal Service (USPS): When dealing with the United States Postal Service there are four main categories available for postage: Stamps, Mailing Permit Imprints, Postage Meters and PC Postage Products (which includes your Click-n-Ship options).

Stamps are great if your frequency is not extremely high and if you are looking for a personal touch. Stamps come in a variety of styles and denominations to meet the needs of all types of postage.

Mailing Permit Imprints allow your business to print a permit imprint indicia on your mail pieces. This type of indicia simply indicates 'Postage Paid" without specifying an amount and your mailing account is deducted on the basis of weight and standardization of your mailing. Postage Permits require an annual fee. If you are going to have a regularly large volume of postage, this is an option worth considering.

Postage Meters are another popular method. The actual machines are leased and allow you to dial-up and download the postage needed and then print it. Meters themselves print "Postage Paid" directly onto the item mail piece or approved label. Postage meters allow you to print the exact postage necessary for your needs. It is also a great means of tracking expenses when it comes to postage.

PC Postage Options include Click-n-Ship that can be done directly from your PC. You can accomplish this all online without ever stepping foot inside a Post Office. They even come and pick up your parcels. PC options also are available for Postage Meters. They allow you to print directly from your own computer without the need of an additional machine.

Other carriers provide similar options. Make sure when you are comparing that you remember to include what it is you are mailing into the equation. Are you going to need insurance on any of your items? DHL, FedEx, and UPS are three other major carriers that help with postage delivery. Their prices vary and are competitive on a variety of services.You need to calculate the need for tracking capabilities and timeliness. Overall, the best mailing service to choose depends upon the weight of your item, how fast it needs to be delivered, if insurance is necessary, and where it is being shipped.

You can always vary the carrier and method as well depending upon your companies needs. There isn't always a hard and fast perfect option. If cost is an extreme factor then it's important to compare between all the carriers. Depending on the weight, size, and timeliness of arrival any one of them could provide the most economical solution. You can find sites that do the pricing comparison for you.

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