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Companies Can Use Visual Reminders To Improve Safety

Visual reminders to improve safety can include everything from posters and count boards to videos and books.These visual reminders are important for those times in between when safety can be covered in a formal meeting and for during a formal meeting.The only thing is that management must use visual reminders in a smart way that does not make employees feel like they are being talked down to or like the company is wasting money on unneeded things.

Videos and books can be kept in the break room for the employees to peruse at their leisure. Employees who are interested in the subject will not hesitate to read or watch the videos provided.The videos should be rotated if there is not enough space to store them all.Rotating them also keeps the selection fresh.Remove a video and bring it back in six months, it's like a new video.

Short video segments can be incorporated into every meeting to help people remember that safety comes first.The best part is that the segments that are shown can be tailored to the department.The truck drivers can watch a driver safety video, the guys on the line can watch a video on heavy equipment safety and those in administration can watch an earthquake safety video.By showing videos that relate to the audience, they become more pertinent, and there is a better chance that the information will be remembered.

Posters are the most commonly used visual reminders.One overlooked safety poster is the one in the bathroom that reminds people to wash their hands.Even with this reminder, men and women walk out of the bathroom with even so much looking at the sink.Someone else may even be at the sink washing his or her hands when the offender leaves without having done the same - so much for peer pressure.Still all health is a matter of safety and that includes illness.Whether an employee is out because of an injury or an illness, the result is still loss productivity for the business and several unpleasant moments for the employee.

Another popular safety poster involves the steps for first aid and safety.Of course, these procedures are applied after there has been one failure of safety protocol, so the posters may not be the best for keeping people from getting hurt.They are, however, useful in allowing people to remember how to deal with an emergency when it occurs.The visuals are handy and usually well-presented depending on where they were bought and how old they are.CPR and First Aid generally change every five years coinciding with the recommendations from the Emergency Cardiovascular Conference that takes place on the fives, i.e. 2005, 2010, 2015, etc.

Several other safety posters exist.Most remind people about what equipment is required to be worn and they usually provide drawings of hard hats and steel toed shoes. Another nice visual reminder that companies use to remind employees about safety is the "Number of Days without an Injury" count up board.This type of motivator is usually displayed prominently and in very large fashion.It is a good motivator and reminder because it presents the relevant information in a positive way, and it seems like it applies peer pressure so that no one wants to disappoint the team by getting injured.
Visual reminders about safety can be an important part of a safety team's strategy to improve safety companywide.They make great reminders for what the employees have already been told in orientation and in companywide meetings and can serve as great motivators when used correctly.

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