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Consulting services for lean and six sigma

Six sigma focuses on improving quality and efficiency within an organization. Lean manufacturing focuses on creating an environment with good management and employee morale. Manufacturing companies often implement six sigma and lean manufacturing to reduce wastes, save money, increase production, and boost employee morale. In order to become successful with lean manufacturing and six sigma, you need to find the right consulting service.

A good consulting service will be able to help your company focus on the reduction of waste and improvement of the company. Successful implementation will expose the quality problems that exist within the company and you will identify how to reduce the waste the problems are causing.

For some companies, the focus on waste reduction only looks at one small problem at a time instead of a system-wide approach. Depending upon which type of managers you have, the different lean manufacturing approaches can be successful and will reduce or eliminate waste.

A consulting service for lean manufacturing and six sigma cannot help you if your staff doesn't accept and use the concept. The entire organization must share the problems and work together to find a solution. Several companies only put forth a mediocre effort toward six sigma and lean manufacturing. If you are looking for a consulting service for lean manufacturing and six sigma; here are a few that can help:

The ACA Group - They are efficient in helping manufacturing companies that want to implement lean manufacturing and six sigma. The ACA Group has a large team of consultants that offer complete courses on lean manufacturing. Your staff can take all the courses together to cover all the requirements of lean manufacturing or you can have them take the courses individually to learn a specific topic at a time.

They will teach your staff members about the 5 S approach. The 5 S approach looks at the different wastes within the company and decides which ones can be eliminated. In addition to the 5 S approach, they also offer training courses on how to create a complete lean manufacturing environment. They will talk about the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to get started in lean manufacturing.

They also provide training for the six sigma philosophies of black belts, green belts, and master black belts. Successful implementation of six sigma can save your company millions of dollars in lost production costs each year. Motorola, the inventor of six sigma, saved over $17 billion since 2006 when six sigma was implemented.
Business Basics, LLC - This is an internet-based lean manufacturing and six sigma company. They teach the Kaizen lean manufacturing approach, performance management, supply-chain management, strategic planning, and tactical execution principles. They will help your company understand six sigma and lean manufacturing and they can help you learn how to successfully implement them.

Lean Manufacturing Guide - They offer a complete lean manufacturing training program. Their main focus is on inventory control and eliminating problems with inventory. They also use the Six Sigma approach to determine where your company is now and where you are headed for the future.

They work with your distribution department to fix the way your orders are received, packaged, and shipped. Another important part of their training program is their ability to help your company learn how to create a lean manufacturing environment. They will work with each of your employees individually and train them on how six sigma and lean manufacturing work and how they can help them become successful. They also have group training classes that help employees become motivated about six sigma and lean manufacturing. They can help resistant employees accept the changes and work towards a productive working environment.

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