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Contract manufacturing software pros

Contract manufacturing consists of using another company to make your products. Companies that employ contract manufacturing are looking for ways to reduce costs and decrease debt. These companies often do not have the workforce needed to manufacturer all their products and it is cheaper to outsource them than to hire additional employees.

Each industry has different standards about their manufacturing processes. Some industries prefer to have contract manufacturing while others manufacture their products on-site. The personal care industry is one of the largest proponents of contract manufacturing. Skin products, hair products, and other personal-care products are normally manufactured off-site.

Contract manufacturers work with other companies to help them reduce their costs. They Specialize in mass production and can handle manufacturing multiple products for several different companies. Printing companies are one of the largest contract manufacturers. They will print and assemble brochures, booklets, boxes, and numerous other items for companies that do not have the time or the man-power to do it at their facility. This helps companies put their money toward focusing on other things at their facility like marketing, sales, and distribution.

Contract manufacturing forms an important partnership between your company and the contract manufacturer. Your company can save thousands of dollars because there is no need to invest in expensive equipment, hire manufacturers that specialize in production, and rent or purchase warehouses to house all the equipment and employees. Another benefit of contract manufacturing is the ability to house the inventory off-site. Most manufacturing companies have a separate warehouse and they will ship the products to your facility when you need them. They may even be able to fill orders for your company and ship the products directly to the customer.

The software that comes along with contract manufacturing will check your stock levels and alarm you when you need to order more of a specific product. They help companies decide if they are saving money by outsourcing their products and how much it would cost to assemble them on-site. Some contract manufacturing software programs even enable you to connect to other contract manufacturers and receive quotes on your current inventory and production costs. This is a wonderful way to determine if you are getting the best deal out there.

One of the best manufacturing software products on the market is PolyDyne software. Their software has helped hundreds of companies reduce their costs by 5 percent or more. Here are a few of the features their contract manufacturing software offers:

  • Direct quotes from multiple companies
  • Global direct material spend analysis
  • Labor and manufacturing cost estimate
  • Sales analysis
  • Outsourcing cost management
  • Supply base performance tracking

Their software also enables companies to track their inventory on the web. Their web site is secured by a SSL server, protecting your company from hackers. This will allow you to log-in to any computer and access your inventory. Their software can also be tailor-made to your company needs and you will receive it within about 3 weeks after you order it.

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