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Converting to a lean manufacturing mode

Converting to a lean manufacturing mode. Converting to a lean manufacturing modes really means taking the company the way it is and turning it into a well-oiled machine. How do you do this? There are some steps and options you can go with. These steps will make the total transformation from where you company is, to that machine that will not only save money, but it will make more money.

So, what does going lean, or lean manufacturing include? Well with lean manufacturing you will use a process of methodology. This methodology was originally implemented by Toyota. The point of lean manufacturing is that there are things that happen in manufacturing that are changeable. These things are processes, tools, training, even management.

The first key to lean manufacturing is recognizing where the problems exist so that changes can be made. There is a process where there will need to be a complete evaluation of all the workings, manufacturing, training, tools etc. Why allow waste to be present if through recognition and implementation, you can change into a company that utilizes all their resources. Thus becoming more efficient over all.

The process or methodology of lean manufacturing is made from some base keys. Here are those keys. Look at how each of these steps are simple, to the point, and create a path for improvement.

- Continuous process improvement or the Kaizen
- The 5 whys. In addition to the mistake proofing plans or the Poka Yoke.
- Flow improvement techniques, which are called the Kanban.

The goal from following through with these keys is to create less waste or Muda as the planners would say. Who wants waste? That is something that just costs money.

When you go through the process of recognizing where the problems or waste is at, then you can move to the next step. This is the identifying. Ok, recognizing and identifying. How does that work? This is how. You need to first recognize there are problems. Then you need to be able to identify what those problems are and what can be done about them.

This is another step that takes some work because when you are in the middle of it all, you may not see what is going on. This is where; sometimes it is great to have someone on the outside give you a fresh new look, or different perspective.

When you are identifying these problems, you are looking for waste. This could be waste of a person standing around because they do not understand their job. This could also be the waste that occurs from using machines that are not running properly. Thus resulting in parts that are unusable.

With this in mind, you can see that when you identify this waste, you can make changes to stop it. That is where the lean manufacturing mode takes your company into a significant turn.

Also when you have less waste, you are also looking at creating a higher level of customer service. This is because the customers will feel happier with better service, better products, and less cost.

Therefore, if you want to convert to lean manufacturing mode, you can find several resources to make this easier. Start with finding the right training for you and your managers. Then find out if there is support to come in and help to identify waste in your manufacturing. Finally look for the steps needed to solve the problems. Then use consistency to make those steps work for the future.

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