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Custom manufacturing setups

Custom manufacturing setups can seriously improve your manufacturing processes and your overall productivity within your company.If you have highly specialized products that you are turning out, then you need custom manufacturing setups so that you can eliminate waste and produce truly excellent products and services.By looking at a particular example of a custom manufacturing setup, you can see how implementing a custom manufacturing setup in your own manufacturing business can improve your productivity and your bottom line.

Let's use Custom Machining Services as an example.This particular company serves a variety of industries but needed to expand its milling capabilities and turning capabilities in order to increase production levels.Because Custom Machining Services wanted to make better parts faster with less work, they needed a multitasking machine.So they turned to Mazak's Inegrex 30Y and Integrex 200Y so that they could use fewer setups for each process and thus reduced labor hours.Because they used custom manufacturing setups, they could cut machine cycle times on some products, and could also cut down on the actual human work.The production costs go down, yet the value costs stay the same, so that profit goes up.

The majority of a business' costs go towards processes that are not paid for by the customer.Very little of the process of production is actually paid for by the customer, so the more time that is spent on other processes, such as setting up processes, is paid for by the company.The more you can cut back on those processes that are not paid for, the more you can improve your bottom line and the more efficient and productive you can be.

If you are purchasing machines that are not specifically designed for your manufacturing processes, then your workers will end up spending quite a bit of time setting up each manufacturing process.Adjustments will have to be made by hand each and every time you run a manufacturing process.All of this customizing which is done by hand ends up taking up a ton of time that is costing you money-money that you are not being reimbursed for by the customer.If you do not have a customized manufacturing setup, then you are probably also wasting materials that are cast off from the manufacturing process, so you waste money on your supplies.That's valuable money that just ends up on the floor to be swept up later-a cleaning process that takes even more of your employees' time and thus even more of your money.

Installing custom manufacturing setups is an excellent way for you to cut down on waste in your manufacturing process.A custom setup allows you to cut down on the number of steps in your manufacturing process.You save on labor hours and you also save on materials.If you can have manufacturing machines custom made for your manufacturing process and your parts, then you may also be able to redesign your products and make better products.Far too often, companies have to adapt their product design to the machines that are available.However, those machines usually do not provide the best product, and so a lower quality product is being produced at a higher number of labor hours and a higher cost in material and set-up.A custom manufacturing setup will save steps in the manufacturing process, will help you streamline the labor that goes into manufacturing, and will eventually help you produce a better product.These improvements are passed on to the customer, and eventually are also passed on to your bottom line.

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