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Custom manufacturing strategy

There are many custom manufacturing strategies available for your manufacturing plant. These different manufacturing strategies can be anything from the latest philosophy to the old tried and true manufacturing strategy. No matter what program you may choose you need to make sure it is a right fit for you, your employees and most of all your manufacturing plant as a whole.

One of the most widely used custom manufacturing strategies for your manufacturing plant is a strategy called six sigma. Six sigma is one of the most powerful process improvement strategies out there. The goal of six sigma is to do things better, faster and at a lower cost then you have done before or even other manufacturing plants. The best part about six sigma is that it can be applied to every part of your manufacturing business making it easily customized to your particular problems. This includes production, human resources, technical support and any of your employees on the maintenance floor.

The process strategy of six sigma is to help your manufacturing company find what is critical for your customers. After you have found what is most critical to your customers the six sigma custom strategy will help you to improve your company to better serve those customers. Six sigma is widely used in the electronics sector of manufacturing.

Another type of custom manufacturing strategy that you can use in your plant is called 5s. A 5s custom program for your process will again include all parts of your manufacturing business or just a few so that you can customize it the way you will need to. 5S is just what it sounds like 5 different steps all beginning with an's'. There are five stages to this process improvement strategy. The names of the 5s stages are Sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain. Each of these 5s stages are different but the same goal is in mind for each stage. The 5s program is meant to help your plant run as smoothly as possible. The 5s program is essentially a way to organize and manage shared workspace to make it more efficient. This program will streamline your process because everything is where it should be and working as it should be.

Total quality management or TQM is another custom manufacturing strategy that can be used in your manufacturing plant. This improvement strategy has been around since the 1950's and can be considered the grandfather of many of the other custom manufacturing strategies. This strategy is aimed at improving the awareness of quality and all processes involved in the manufacturing process. This custom strategy focuses on getting things done right the first time thus ensuring defects and waste are eliminated from the process operations.

TPM or total productive maintenance is a custom manufacturing strategy that aims to use all levels and functions in your company by maximizing the effectiveness of your production equipment. This in turn will help improve your process.Total Productive Maintenance provides any training necessary for your employees to understand the equipment and the machines they work with on a daily basis. With the proper training on the machines your employees will have less accidents and break downs. Your employees will also be trained on maintenance prevention and how to fix the problems their machines might have. The end goal of TPM is then to eliminate all losses.

There are many custom manufacturing strategies available for your manufacturing plant. These are just a few of the strategies available. You can take bits and pieces of each strategy to make it a new custom manufacturing strategy but that may take more time then you can put into it.No matter which custom manufacturing strategy you choose to incorporate into your existing plant you should be aware of how it will affect your other employees. Make sure the improvement program you choose will be a good fit for all managers and employees. The more people you have on board to help you improve your manufacturing process the better you will be in the long run.

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