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Cutting costs, not quality when hiring

How much does it take to get the attention needed to obtain applicants?
Who will do the review of the resumes and complete interviews?
Where and who will be doing checking on credential, previous work, and references?
What are the costs of administrative services for the interview process?

With out training, pay prior to efficiency, and the skills needed. Just in the hiring process a company is likely to spend $3000 or more to hire. That is if they can find enough candidates in the right amount of time. It can simply grow from that in cost.

So how can you get around to cutting costs when you are hiring but not cutting the quality of employee when you hire. Well there are three key factors to keep in mind. These will help you to be able to recognize a good choice, and avoid the employee, that just may not fit in with your team.


Remember that there is a loss of work that will occur. This happens of course, because there is not an employee in that spot completing the processes necessary for business. Therefore, it is important to find an applicant that will fill that need. Not for a few days, but on a long-term basis.

It may feel better to just get someone in that spot. But, it really does not work for the best interest of the team, the company, and the employee. When you are looking at just getting someone in there, you might as well get a mannequin and put it in the seat. It will save you time and money in the long run.

Even if it may take you two or three weeks to find the right applicant, it is better to do so. The reason is that if you hire someone quickly. They may get into the position. Then a few days later are discouraged or intimidated. Finally leaving anyways. Then you are forced to start the process over again.


Know what you are looking for. If you know what you are looking for, you will know whom you will want to hire. For example if you are hiring for a people person job, one that takes an out going personality to meet and great customers. You would not necessarily want a quiet shy applicant to get that position.
Sometimes it can be hard to tell what a person is like in the few minutes of the application. However, if you take the time to conduct a good interview, really take the time to get to know the applicants a little, you will find you can see the characteristics that will fill in the need you have.


Ask and answer questions with honesty. The reason this is so important, is because you need to be able to create a proper expectation of what will be needed. This will need to be done before the person is actually hired. There is nothing worse that having an employee who in incapable, disgruntled or straight out unsure of their duties, simply because of the lack of communication that happens.

Get the information out there so that you can be sure to know what the applicants are thinking, and willing to do. Sometimes people will bend to get things done. However you do not want to hire a call center agent to run heavy equipment.

Believe it or not, these are some key factors that will make it easier to cut costs, but not the quality of your new hires. Thus saving over all pain and frustration in the hiring process.

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