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Cutting costs not quality when hiring

While it is a wonderful idea to keep your quality employees for their entire career, it is unrealistic. Most employees will move on to other companies within about 3-5 years. When you lose a quality employee, it is important to look for another one that is just as good. Here are some tips to help your hire quality employees for a low cost:

Decide what type of employee you need.

Can you afford to hire one full-time employee or will it be cost-effective to hire two part-time employees? If you decide to split up the position, you may end up with one quality employee and another that is mediocre. Over time, you can promote the other employee to a full-time position if they look like they will be with the company long-term. The mediocre employee can be let go or they may end up quitting.

Define your expectations and outcomes.
You will attract a quality employee by being up-front with them about your expectations. Employees need to know exactly how much money you are willing to give them to perform a specific job. Happier employees are those that clearly understand their job functions and know what their job may hold for them in the future. Let the new hire know you are willing to let them bring their own style to the job because it may improve the current job.

The job offer.
One of the easiest ways to determine if you are getting a high quality employee for a low cost is when you offer them the job. When you decide to make the job offer, determine if you want to do it in person, over the phone, or in writing. The best job offer is one that is given over the phone because you get an immediate response and you don't waste any time. If the potential employee turns down the job offer, you can move onto the next applicant.

When you offer the job, never give them any promises. The employee needs to understand up-front what your company is capable of offering. Giving them promises only fills them with false hope and you can easily lose a quality employee. When you offer the job, write up a formal document that clearly explains the job, the hours they will be required to work, the salary, the benefits, and the starting date. There should be no question about the job once you offer it to the employee. By putting it in writing, you are less likely to encounter negotiation from the employee about their salary or benefit package.

Be up-front with the employee when you tell them they are hired. Tell them exactly how long they have to accept the job. Being firm will help you avoid going into negotiations with the employee and costing your company more money.

Have a 90 day new hire policy.
It is easier to filter out a quality employee from a poor one when you see them on the job. Giving the employee 3 months to figure out the job and work hard at it will tell you if they are going to be a quality employee. During this time you will be able to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and determine if they will be able to help your company progress.

Show your employees respect.
One of the best ways to attract quality employees is to show them respect. When they are appreciated and valued, they are less-likely to complain about their salary or benefits. Some people will even take a pay-cut because they want to work for a company that truly values what they can bring.

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