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Different systems you can use for manufacturing

Different systems you can use for manufacturing. There are a few different ideas you can use to improve the overall functioning of your manufacturing business. The key to knowing what system is better for your business, is finding the methodology or plan that works with your needs and style.

There are a few different systems that are used in better managing manufacturing businesses. Those different systems are also known as methodology. Those methodologies, or systems each have variation in their steps. However, their basic plan for the result is the same.

Here are the different types of systems or methodologies for manufacturing you can check out.

TQM or Time Quality Management (Also called Total Quality Management)

Time Quality Management is one of the different systems you can use for manufacturing. The way Time Quality Management works, is there is a specific focus put on the overall quality of work that is happening company wide.

This focus on quality, in return brings savings from preventing anything that lacks quality. Thus increasing overall customer service and efficiency.

There are four main functions involved with TQM. They are as follows:

1. Design
2. Workmanship
3. Equipment
4. Raw materials

If any of these functions are lacking in quality, then there needs to be changes made. This means that there needs to be something done to change the parts of those functions to become higher in quality, thus more productive.

TQM is known to build a strong sense of pride within a company. Then, the result from that is overall increased quality, and then higher customer service levels.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is another type of system you can use for manufacturing. In Japan some time ago, the lean manufacturing methodology was designed. The overall efficiency and effectiveness of their manufacturing needed to be improved. The goal for lean manufacturing is to stop the waste in production prior to the process happening. This needs to be removed by removing non-conformity.

This does not necessarily mean in employees. It also means in the processes, management style and tools that are being used. There does need to be an expectation set, and then followed for full effectiveness to occur.

The thing about lean manufacturing is that there is no room for backing up. The plan needs to complete the entire product process with the removal of flaws in the first place. This starts with the correct processes for hiring, training, etc.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is the other different type of manufacturing methodology that is widely used. There are several version of Six Sigma, but they all have the same basic plan. The plan with Six Sigma is that you minimize defects, by recognizing what it is. Then after you know what it is, you take the steps to remove it quickly.

Six Sigma has been around for six decades. This time has allowed for the process to not only grow with the times, but also to adjust with the right moves that have been taken.

There is a real focus with Six Sigma, this focus is on increased quality, process out puts, reduction in waste, and finally and maybe much more importantly the success of the business.

When you look at the different systems that are out there, you will find there is a great deal of support for each one. You can learn about each of them in detail by doing a quick Google search on the subject name. Thus you will get a detailed description and support service options.

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