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DMAIC Project Management Tips

Are you using Six Sigma within your company? There are some key tools that are used with Six Sigma that can make it into a successful program. One of the tools that is commonly used with Six Sigma is DMAIC. When dealing with project management, this is one of the tools that will be able to help you reduce product defects and can strengthen your organization overall.

Motorola created Six Sigma as a way to reduce product defects and to get the ratio to less than 3.4 defects per every 1 million items produced. Six Sigma is a great way to aid in giving you a stronger company as you focus on manufacturing better products for your customers. Using the DMAIC project management program you will be able to reach these goals effectively.

To help you with project management let's define the DMAIC program and give you some helpful tips on how it can give you a stronger and successful company.

The D stands for Define. This means you will take the time to define what your project is going to be in order to help you plan out what needs to be done. You will need to go along with the planning with your staff and clearly communicate it to them as well as helping you to be able to understand how to start creating teams that will be in charge of various goals and things for the company. Set some timelines that are manageable for everyone and always focus on the scale of the project as well as your budget needs.

Now you have the M phase which is to Measure the problems. You need to look at your current system and to see what is working and what is not working. Using evaluation metrics you will be able to measure the issues that are at hand. You need to use the metrics of capability and stability as these will be able to help you in being able to see what needs to change for the company to make an impact. Usually you will use a process map tool as it can aid with the right type of validation to give you a stronger impact.

The A is for Analyze and this is the phase where data collection is going to be important to the company. You will need to look at the root cause of the problems that are happening in the company and to find out what you can do about the problems.There are going to be some shortcomings and other things along the way that you need to analyze in order to find out what you can do about problems and to prevent them from happening over and over again.

Now you have the I phase or Improve. With this phase you will need to work on getting rid of all the product defects and other things. The Improve phase is the one phase where you really need to work on having a company that can be strong with consistency.

Now the C stands for control and this is where you will end up having some control measures in place that keep defects and other things from arising again. You need to be able to have several improvements that are always being adjusted so you don't end up with defects and other things.

Using all of the various steps in the DMAIC model will be able to help you improve the various projects that you need to work on and will give you a chance at becoming successful.

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