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Driving Positive Change

Whenever employees hear the word "change" many of them will end up panicking. Change is something that every company needs to have in order to remain competitive. However employees often view change as a threat. Many of them are in a comfort zone and learning that things need to change can scare them. As managers you need to be able to find ways to implement change in a positive way instead of scaring your employees or making them concerned about their jobs.

So how can you focus on driving positive change? Here are some great ways in which you can work on implementing change in a positive way:
1. The first thing you have to focus on is to identify the change that you are going to have. You need to start by identifying the event and properly introducing it to your employees. The event that will be changing is the thing that scares the employees initially but when approach it right you can make a change.
2. Once you have the "event" properly identified your next step will be to look at the way that your employees are going to perceive it. Are they going to be positive to it or are they going to be concerned about it? The way that your staff interprets the changes will have a large impact on your ability to successfully implement it. You need to focus on getting positive information out to your staff as soon as possible or you will end up dealing with the negative feedback from the changes you are implementing. Once one person perceives a change as bad, they can influence the rest of the staff.
3. Employees are driven by their emotions. The way that they will react to the change can be different for all of them but if you focus on their emotional state, you can have a large influence over them to have them respond in a positive way. Bring in each employee and talk to them independently if you are worried about them reacting poorly and bringing down the rest of your staff with them.
4. The deal with change is that you need to make your decision to move forward with it or not. If you are wishy-washy with your decision, your employees are going to have room to be this way. When they feel that they can resist the change, they are usually going to take this route. They want to set their own limits and boundaries, especially if they have been with your company for awhile. You have to give them one option and that is to accept the change that is happening.
5. Managers often have a hard time when people resist change mostly because it results in a confrontation with the employee. Take action on the employees that are resisting the changes and clearly explain to them the situation and how they can be accepting of it or not. If they choose the latter, that usually means they choose their way out of the company. You need to have a good support network and training program in place to help employees cope and understand the changes that you are implementing.
6. Once you start the changes and you are still trying to help people understand them, you can easily influence them by the way in which you work on gathering data and showing them some results. People often work harder and are motivated when they can see some results happening from their hard work.

As long as you will take the time to properly commit yourself to change, it is highly likely that your staff will also be able to commit themselves to change as well and you can easily drive positive change within your company.

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