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Effective 5 S Training

The 5 S Method is one of the most effective ways for you to organize your business and to reduce defects, errors, and other issues. With the 5 S Method you need to focus on using a training program that will be able to provide you with efficient programs but one that your customers can understand. With the 5 S Method you need to look at the way that your companies is laid out and to organize it in a way that will give you success with reducing the amount of time that your employees waste on trying to find the things that they need to do their jobs.

What makes the 5 S Method into a success is the fact that you can use it to help you inspire teamwork with your staff. Having an environment that is focused on helping and supporting each other is a great way to make your employees happier with their jobs and to also help you to make your customers happier as they will not need to wait around for things anymore. They can place an order and it will come to them within a few days or even instantly as you have a system in place that keeps everything organized and efficient.

The 5 S System is defined as the following:
1. Seiri - Sort
2. Seiton - Straighten
3. Seiso -Shine
4. Seiketsu - Standardize
5. Shitsuke - Sustain

What is the 5 S lean training program? It is one that helps your employees to be able to understand what they are capable of doing and it helps them to understand how to work on become a team. You need to have a training program that clearly lays out what the 5 S Method is and to help them understand where they fit into it. This is the best way in which you can aid in having the program become a success not only for the immediate need but for the future as well.

One of the best things to do for 5 S training is to hire a consultant to come in and work with your staff. Hiring someone to come in and help out can give you success as they will be able to provide you with efficiency but they make the program understandable to everyone.

If you cannot hire a lean consultant to come in and train your staff you do have other options. How about using the internet to your advantage? The internet comes with a lot of great tools and support programs that can aid with 5 S Training. The online programs offer training programs that your employees can take. The only downside is that they don't have that physical presence to help you understand what is expected of your employees. You will have to set it up and be in charge of helping your employees to be able to understand these expectations.

What will you learn with 5 S Training? The best way to help your staff learn is through getting them involved. You should host a training day or week depending upon how large the company is. Then you want to create scenarios and other things that can give your employees a way to understand how to work at 5 S within their jobs. The more they are able to understand with their role in 5 S the easier it will be for them to use it correctly and to become an example to their co-workers that may be on the verge of understanding what 5 S is all about and if they want to be involved in it or not. Change is always hard so you need to motivate your staff and try to help them feel comfortable with the change instead of being resistant to them.

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