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manufacturing_systems.jpgFabrication is the creation of something, or making something. In manufacturing, fabrication can refer to several different types of manufacturing. Four types of fabrication in manufacturing are the fabrication of metals, stone, lenses, and chips. This article discusses these types of fabrication in manufacturing.

Fabrication and metals

Fabrication, when referring to manufacturing, can also involve fabricating machines, equipment, as well as many other structures that are made out of metal. This type of fabrication involves cutting the metal, shaping it, and then assembling all of the cut and shaped pieces.

The difference between fabrication and regular machine shops is that the fabrication of mental usually involves the preparation of the metal, the welding of the pieces, and assembling the pieces of metal. But machine shops usually machine the metal parts of a structure or piece of equipment.

There are many different types of raw materials involved in the fabrication of metals. Some of the raw materials include: welding wire, fittings, plate metal, square stock, section metals, castings, and hardware.

Along with many kinds of raw materials, there are also a lot of tools that are involved in metal fabrication. Tools such as band saws, plasma and laser cutters, water jet cutters, and cutting torches are common tools used to cut metal in this type of manufacturing. There are also tools used to bend and form the metal, weld the pieces together, and finish off to produce the final product.

Stonemasonry and fabrication

In stonemasonry buildings and sculptures are made out of stone. Items that are created using stone last for a very long time and stonemasonry has been used for thousands of years to make things.

There can be lot of people involved in creating things out of stone. Quarrymen are the people who get the rock from the ground or split it from other rocks. Sawyers are the people who cut the rock into blocks. Carvers and bank masons are the people who work with the rock either for figures or buildings. Memorial masons are the people who carve inscriptions and things on gravestones.

Optical fabrication

Optical fabrication is on type of fabrication in manufacturing. There are many different procedures involved in this type of fabrication manufacturing. The first part of optical fabrication involves taking a glass blank and grinding it. This gets the raw material into the more spherical shape of a lens. Usually a manufacturer uses ring tools to grind the glass blank.

After the grinding the surfaced of the lens is then polished. Polishing the lens is usually done by rubbing the lens as it rotates. A manufacturer uses fluid and abrasive tools to polish the lens.

Semiconductor device fabrication

Another type of fabrication in manufacturing is semiconductor device fabrication. This is a type of manufacturing fabrication that produces chips. These types of chips (or integrated circuits) are in electronic devices as well as other electrical devices that people use every day. The fabrication of chips can take from six to eight weeks and they are manufactured in special laboratories.

There are four steps involved in semiconductor device fabrication. These four steps are deposition, removal, patterning, and modification. Each of these four steps is needed to properly manufacture chips.

The deposition process involves the wafer (usually made of silicon) and the process of growth, coating, or when types of material is transferred to the wafer. During the removal process materials are removed from the wafer.

The pattering process involves several different steps. This is when the shape of the material is changed. This is called lithography. And the modification process involves changing the electrical properties usually by diffusion and then by ion implantation.

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