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Fixing the economy through manufacturing

missingpuzzlepiece19378437.jpgThroughout 2008 and into the beginning of 2009 the United States and other parts of the world have been faced with a recession. A recession means that the economy is going downhill. People are not putting money into the economy because they have no extra money to spend, with less money in the economy this means there are less people needed for certain jobs. If people are not buying homes or merchandise employers, do not need to have as many employees as before so they are laying people off. The more people who are being laid off the less amount of people there are who can spend extra money to help boost the economy. A recession is like a vicious circle because one thing affects another and it just continues to go around and around, if it gets too bad it can lead towards a depression.

The one thing that everybody agrees on is that the economy needs to be fixed. The biggest problem that most of face is trying to figure out how to fix the economy. Many people think that manufacturing is the best answer to fixing the economy, while others think that manufacturing is a lost cause when it comes to fixing the economy. When it comes to fixing the economy either through manufacturing or not what is really needed is more jobs. Manufacturing is a great way to create more jobs, but you cannot create more jobs in manufacturing unless there is a demand for products. Without the demand for products, manufacturers are not going to increase the number of employees that they have because they are concerned with keeping their costs down so that they can make a profit in this bad economy.

One thing that many people suggest that manufacturers do to help fix the economy is to not outsource the manufacturing jobs. Manufacturing jobs are often outsourced to other countries because it is an easy way to cut down on the overall costs, which is what manufacturing businesses want to do so that they can earn a bigger profit. What has happened with our manufacturing jobs is that we have also been importing more products than we have been exporting, which decreases the items that need to be manufactured in the United States. The United States has also been trying to sell their manufactured products into a weakening economy without much luck.

In order to create more manufacturing jobs one of two things will have to happen. The first thing that people think needs to happen is that companies need to stop outsourcing their manufacturing. By keeping it here in the United States, more jobs will be created because people will be needed to put the products together. They will also help increase jobs because people will be needed to build the plants, clean the factories, maintain the machines, etc. When you create a new factory, hundreds of other jobs are created along with it. People also think that new laws need to be passed that regulate businesses that are trying to outsource their manufacturing. If laws are passed that prohibit companies from outsourcing their manufacturing it could help boost our economy, but it can also hurt it because businesses will be upset about the stricter regulations that are being passed, in some cases, they might even consider them unfair business practices.

Something else that people think will help fix the economy is to bring back the manufacturing jobs that have already been outsourced. This can be done, but it would not be very economical for businesses to do everything at once. If they were to bring back the manufacturing that has already been outsourced, it would need to be done in sections because of the expenses that are associated with it. Even bringing back manufacturing jobs that have been outsourced might not fix the economy because other countries will be affected, which can make the world recession even worse.

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