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Handling spills and accidents in manufacturing


Working in manufacturing, you are going to have to deal with spills and accidents in the workplace. The biggest thing about work related accidents is that most of them can be avoided. To avoid most of the accidents your manufacturing plant would need to improve their safety program or they would need to implement a safety program and follow through with it.

In most cases, safety programs are ignored because of how easy they are to ignore. Many employees do not think that the rules apply to them or that the rules are goofy so they won't follow them. For example, wearing safety glasses on the job, some employees will refuse to wear them because safety glasses make them look funny or because they think that, the job isn't dangerous to their eyes. Employees find these rules easy to ignore because many times managers do not follow through with enforcing the rules. If management is not enforcing the rules, there is no way you can expect employees to follow them. Employees have to know that there are going to be consequences for not following proper safety procedures.

Here are some things that you can do to handle any spills and accidents that you experience at your manufacturing plant.

Step one:

With a spill in your manufacturing plant, the first thing you want to do is to look at the MSDS to see what it says to do. Then you are going to need to follow all of the directions that are listed on the MSDS. This includes evacuating the plant, administering first aid, and contacting certain organizations. Then you need to make sure that you follow the proper steps to clean it up.

Step two:

If you spill something like water or a soda, you will not need to look at the MSDS to find out what to do. If you spill something that is not chemical related the first thing that you are going to want to do is to dry up the spill. As soon as you notice the spill, you are going to want to put up signs that tell other workers that the floor is wet and that it can be slippery.

Step three:

After the spill has been soaked up with towels or rags you will want to mop the area, especially if it was soda that spilled. Mopping will ensure that the ground is no longer sticky from the spill. When mopping you want to ensure that you wring out the mop well each time so that you do not leave behind puddles of water.

Step four:

Post signs all around the area that has been mopped so that all employees are warned before they reach the area that the ground is still wet, which can increase the chances of people slipping and falling.

Step five:

If there is an accident, related to the spill or separate the first thing you will want to do is administer first aid if it is needed. Depending on how severe the accident was you might also need to call the paramedics so that the worker can be transported to the nearest hospital for proper treatment. You should still administer first aid until the paramedics arrive on the scene.

Step six:

Talk to any employees that witnessed the accident to find out what happened. You will also need them to fill out reports based on what they saw.

Step seven:

You will also need to fill out an accident report to describe what happened and the action you took. The employee who was injured should also fill out a report as soon as possible. If more than, one person was involved in the accident both parties will need to fill out a report.

Step eight:

These reports will need to be filed in the employees file and in another location for future use. You will need the reports for insurance purposes and for any claims filed under Worker's Compensation.

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