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Hiring and retaining manufacturing plant employees

Trying to find the best employees for your manufacturing plant can sometimes be difficult task.After all, you want the plant to be efficient which means you must find and hire the best employees and keep them around to do the job.Hiring and retaining manufacturing plant employees can sometimes be like finding the right roommate and when they leave it has a rippling effect on the rest of the organization.It creates unbalance, and that can cost you money..Here are some tips on hiring and retaining manufacturing plant employees.

Hiring Employees

  1. What are you getting into?This is an important question to ask yourself, as hiring employees takes a lot of preparation. Do you want or need to hire full or part time employees? Do you need independent contractors? Do you want to outsource? These are all important questions to ask yourself.
  2. Hiring and recruiting large numbers of people can be a nightmare, especially if you are hiring 3000 or more people a year.As a starting point, instead of taking the task on all by yourself, look to your own managers within the company.Who better to hire and train than those who already know the ins and outs of the company?Try looking for to college graduates.The number of students graduating from college is increasing you are more likely to find larger numbers of qualified people from college grads.These new college graduates are eager to become part of a company.College students also have a lower turnover percentage.

  3. Ask for referrals.Before place the "help wanted" ad, ask around and see if any of your friends, family, or neighbors know people looking for work.Be specific in the type of person you are looking for though; hardworking, trustworthy, etc.You can also try local organizations or trade associations, and the chamber of commerce.

  4. Screening.As you begin the hiring process, you will want to carefully screen your prospective employees.Make sure you perform background checks and check their references before you commit to hiring them.

  5. Interviewing your candidates.This usually is the most daunting task, especially if you are hiring in large quantities.That is why it's so important to get help from upper management.As you conduct the interview try and get as much information from them as possible.In addition to the resume, have them fill out an application.If it is possible have someone else in the interview with you so you will have more than just your impression of the potential employees.Be specific in the questions you ask about the job and prior experience.Come up with different scenarios to test the prospective employee on how they would handle certain situations.

  6. Make sure as you are interviewing future prospects that you also let them know what kind of benefits they will be offered in working with your company.You don't have to delve into everything right away, but give them an idea of how many sick days they will have, performance expectations, paid time off, etc.

Retaining Employees

  1. Get everyone on the same page.Bringing in new hires to a large manufacturing plant can be tricky.Without proper training your effectively managed manufacturing plant can quickly turn into to ineffective failure.Make sure you take the time at least once a month to train your employees on important materials and procedures.Make it as fun as a you can; there's nothing worse than attending boring training meetings and it doesn't help in retaining good employees.
  2. Money will always be an issue, but if you are presented with employee issues of getting raises and so forth, be respectful and try to consider the needs of everyone.No one wants to be under-appreciated and under-paid.If you want to retain good employees then you must look at paying them well and treating them even better.
  3. Reward and Praise.Just like everyone else, employees love to be rewarded for doing good things.Don't be afraid to reward and praise them often for great work.Not only does it feel good to them, but it reinforces good work ethic throughout the whole company.

Hiring and retaining manufacturing plant employees can be a tiresome task but if you can find the best employees for the job isn't it worth it?

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