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How manufacturing and engineering are related.

How manufacturing and engineering are related? Manufacturing and engineering are related due to how each of there jobs works together. The main thing is that manufacturing is the process of using raw materials to create a completed item. Where engineering is the profession that uses skills, education, training and experience in order to design the items that will need to be manufactured.

So for the total process of manufacturing to take place, an engineer will need to design the product that will be manufactured. In the example of a space ship, the process takes both engineering and manufacturing. Here is how it works together.

An engineer will have to create the design and function ability for the spaceship; this will have to happen before the spaceship can be manufactured. The total creation of a spaceship will take several engineers. It will also take a great deal of time. Even if the engineers have a great deal of knowledge, education, training and experience, some designs can take a very long time.

There are different types of engineering that comes to play with many different types of manufacturing. Here is a basic list of only a few different types of engineering. There are literally almost two hundred different types of engineer types.

Mechanical Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Architectural Engineering
Building Engineering
Communications Engineering
Computer Engineering
Civil Engineering
Chemical Engineering

In the creation of the design of a machine like a spaceship, there will be several of these engineering experts working together to create the design in order for it to be manufactured.

This same idea applies for the creation of much smaller machines and products. The car will also have several different engineers involved with the design, before the manufacturing company can complete the hundreds and thousands of manufactured vehicles.

The engineers will be involved in the generation, production, transmission, and application of different types of processes. This can be electrical, mechanical, and much more.

In order for a manufacturing company to have new products released to the community, it takes the work of the engineers to give the plan for creation to the manufacturer.

In some companies, engineers work around the clock to come up with the newest and best of products that will literally make millions. If there are severe mistakes that are caused due to the design of a product by the engineers, it can cost the manufacturers literally millions also.

Engineers are who designs the tools, toys and foods we eat. Therefore without the professionals in the engineering field, the manufacturers could not create the iPods, the ice cream, and the eye treatments we use.

With the increase of better more productive machinery there has been a reduction in workers in manufacturing plants. This does save businesses overall a great deal of money. However, there is a problem that the engineers of these machines may not have taken into consideration.

This is that a machine, no matter how intelligent the program is that controls it, does not do the troubleshooting that a manufacture worker or technician might. That is another area that engineering and manufacturing works together.

There needs to be a smooth process with both of these sources of creation. So, the engineers and manufacturers have to work closely with good expectations in order to create the best products for the community, and environment.

Manufacturing and engineering are both very important factors in the economy and the way we live. They work together in compliance within the regulations and standards that are set.

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