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How prefabrication and manufacturing relate

storage19194627.jpg How do prefabrication and manufacturing relate?They can be very similar in the way they are accomplished.Both prefabrication and manufacturing are making products in mass quantities and then selling them to the public or businesses.Both can be producers of products that are exactly the same being produced over and over again.Or they can both be making products that have some individuality for specific customers.

Prefabrication will typically be the manufacturing of sections of large or immovable products.The prefabrication can be done in sections relating to the end product.Sections of large machines are prefabricated and then sent out to the customer.

Prefabrication uses manufacturing in the making of the products it produces.Prefabrication is typically used as a section of a larger product.It relates to manufacturing in that prefabrication will mass-produce the product by manufacturing methods.Prefabrication may use batch, continuous or job manufacturing.What is used will depend on the prefabrication company and the products made.

Prefabrication and manufacturing can relate in the way products are being produced.Manufacturing methods are used to produce exact products that will be sold to the masses of the public.Prefabrication will produce product after product that is exactly the same and sold to the public by using the different manufacturing methods.Prefabrication will typically be the manufacturing of products that will be used with other products that can be added together for a grand end product.

Both prefabrication and manufacturing can also produce products with individuality.Customers many times want products that are to their specific needs or wants.With manufacturing this is possible by certain methods. These methods allow production to be altered so that personal preferences can be made without major change to the manufacturing process.

This is how prefabrication relates to manufacturing.There are many times a business will have a customer that wants things different than the rest of the masses in the world.This is when prefabrication will take the wants or needs of the customer and integrate them into the manufacturing of the product.

Manufacturing is for any product that is made in huge quantities and then put out on the market or sold to specific customers.Prefabrication is the same in that is produces products in large quantities and then sells them.Prefabricated products will typically be sold to companies that will add to the product.

There is one main difference between prefabrication and manufacturing and that is, prefabrication consists of parts of an end product.Manufacturing will manufacture the whole product and send it to the customer.Prefabrication will make parts of a product and have it sent to the customer so that the customer can join that part with the other parts.A good example is a prefabricated house.The walls and roof can come together, but all the insides must be added by the owner after the owner receives the prefabricated house.However even though the roof and walls come together they do not have to be put together by the company with prefabrication.Manufacturing will typically have the walls and roof mostly assembled and the inside mostly finished.Manufacturing will have the house at the site of the customers choosing and finish putting it together.Prefabrication will deliver the house to the customers desired site and then leave it up to the customer to put the puzzle together.

How prefabrication and manufacturing relate is mostly in the production of products.Prefabrication may produce large products that will need to be added to, while manufacturing typically sends out the end product totally complete.They both however use manufacturing methods to produce products in huge quantities or per customer specifications.

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