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How to address the challenges of U.S. manufacturers

In the past couple of years, U.S. manufacturers have been experiencing difficult times because of the downturn in the economy.Recognizing the importance of the manufacturing sector to the overall economy, the President has initiated several "progrowth" policies that are meant to help to bring benefits to manufacturers and to ultimately brighten the economy as a whole.These programs are doing so well, in fact, that a recent study shows factory activity is at its highest level in 20 years and new orders are at the highest level since 1950.

Listening to and addressing the challenges of American manufacturing companies is important to the government because manufacturers provide our nation and it citizens with good jobs, a better quality of life, and inventions that have set us apart from other nations around the globe.Manufacturing has also been referred to as the "backbone" of our economy and the "muscle" behind our national security.So you see, there is much more at stake if the manufacturing sector of America fails than just loosing the production capacity of a few materials.

The government is currently continuing to address the challenges of U.S. manufacturers by conducting regular comprehensive reviews of the manufacturing sector.These reviews and the process of gaining suggestions for how the government can assist manufacturers with what they need has come to be known as the Manufacturing Initiative.The Manufacturing Initiative is simple.Its goal is to solicit the opinions, frustrations and success stories of manufacturers so that the government has the opportunity to address more of the problems that are challenging U.S. manufacturers.

The challenges confronting American manufacturers and manufacturing workers are definitely being seen as urgent matters.In fact, President Bush has already taken action in order to resolve some of the more immediate and serious challenges of manufacturers.He has implemented a jobs and growth agenda with six points that are outlined in his plan.Those six points are:

1. To make healthcare costs more affordable
2. To reduce the lawsuit burden on the U.S. economy
3. To ensure an affordable, reliable energy supply
4. To streamline regulations and reporting requirements
5. To open markets for American products
6. To enable families and businesses to plan for the future with confidence

Each of these six proposals is intended to improve the U.S. manufacturing sector's competitiveness not only in this country but with the manufacturing influences of other countries as well.These initiatives, although they may go through some changes, are intended to remain intact for years and even decades to come.

The Department of Commerce is actively working with manufacturers to help U.S. manufacturers become more competitive in the global marketplace.Levels of confidence are high that such initiatives and aggressive action being taken from the office of the President will in fact improve the outlook of the manufacturing sector of the economy.Manufacturers are generally pleased with how the government is attempting to address their challenges.Of course there are still daily struggles as they pertain to the running of business.However, with economic influences being pushed in the favor of manufacturers the future looks to hold a country of manufacturing that will continue to be prosperous in the future, just as it has become so prosperous over the years.

The outlook for American manufacturing is optimistic.This is not just because of the government aid that the industry has received, but it is also due to the fact that there is a great deal of talent, determination and innovation behind out manufacturing industry.The men and woman in manufacturing who are willing to work hard to address their problems and find solutions for their challenges are the ones that are going to experience success in their businesses and will earn a place as a competitor in a very important global market.

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