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How to be a leader in your field on manufacturing

To become a leader in your manufacturing field you have to make a better product than your competitor's, make a product that sells cheaper than your competitor's, or market your product better than your competitors do.If you really want to lead the field, you will find a way to do all three things.

Making a better product-In order to make a better product than your competition you need to start with better raw material.Of course, better material equals materials that are more expensive so this is not always the easiest place to start.Sometimes you can use the same materials but use them better.Putting money into research and development will help you capitalize on the materials you have.Big manufacturing plants will have whole departments dedicated to research, development, and engineering to facilitate the best product possible.Even if you have just a small manufacturing company, paying attention to these areas will help you to become a leader in your field.When trying to make the best product you can, you should listen carefully to suggestions from employees and consumers.There will always be things that you can improve.

Make a cheaper product-it is one thing to make a good product, it is quite another to make a good product cheap.Price is going to be a major selling point even if you are making very high-end stuff.If someone is looking to buy a million dollar car and you offer the same car for a million and ten dollars, the buyer is going to go with the cheaper car.Bargain shopping happens in all price ranges.To make sure that you are making your product as economically as possible you need to constantly be assessing waste.Try to eliminate not just material waste but also personnel wastes, time wastes, and overhead wastes.You might look into a system called "lean manufacturing" that was developed by Toyota to reduce their wastes and pass the value on to the customer.

Market your product better-it does you no good to manufacture a product if there is nobody to buy it.When you first drew up the business plan, you looked at the profits of competitors and envisioned your portion of the market.If you have made a great product and you are offering it economically, it stands to reason that you should capture your share of the market.So, why aren't you?There is a standard in the business world that you should reinvest at least 50% of your profits in advertising.Whatever you are manufacturing, you need to find a way of advertising and marketing it.Develop your sales team so that each team member is motivated to make contacts and make sales.At the same time, you need to soften up the potential customers through advertising.

As the owner or manager of a manufacturing company, you should focus on doing these three things.However, your company is only going to lead the field if you yourself lead the field.Work on your management skill, hire good people, and get advice and consultation so that you always make good decisions.Maybe the most important thing you can do is run the company with integrity.Having integrity will make you a better boss and reduce turnover.It will also cause loyalty among your contacts and customers.For the most part, a successful manufacturing business is the product of good decisions, good strategy, and good ownership.If you want a successful business, work on incorporating all of these things into your business model.

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