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How to become a six sigma champion

Those looking to get ahead in the world of manufacturing or increase their six sigma knowledge and training should consider becoming six sigma champions. The Six Sigma Champion plays a key role in the success of implementing six sigma within an organization and has a variety of roles and responsibilities.

What is six sigma?
In order to fully understand what a six sigma champion is, it's important to first become familiar with the concept of six sigma. In a nutshell, six sigma is a method used to provide business with the necessary tools to increase their overall performance and customer satisfaction. This is done by statistically analyzing various forms of data and information, then using it to anticipate the needs of their customers. The overall goal of Six Sigma is to increase a company's profits by identifying and then eliminating factors that contribute to waste and customer dissatisfaction.

What is a six sigma champion?
Six sigma champions are usually executives or members of management who already have a great deal of responsibility within their business or organization. The title of six sigma champion, however, sets them apart from the rest and gives them a number of different responsibilities.

Some businesspeople choose to become certified in various levels of the six sigma process, which sets them apart from their peers and recognizes them as highly capable and knowledgeable in regards to Six Sigma. These levels are similar to that of martial arts and are green belt, black belt, and master black belt. The main responsibilities of the six sigma champion involve that of six sigma black belts. Champions select candidates for black belts and then make sure the black belts have the tools and resources needed to perform their duties.

In addition, six sigma champions have a number of other responsibilities, including:
Selecting projects for black belts to implement and then supervising them

  • Making sure the black belts receive the support they need by removing stumbling blocks and training them

  • Monitoring the black belts to make sure they are in line with and dedicated to their Six Sigma projects

  • Implementing change in company culture via the Six Sigma processes

  • Sharing the best practices

How to become a six sigma champion
In order to achieve the role of six sigma champion, candidates must go through a fairly rigorous training course that usually spans several days. Most of these courses are done by consulting groups. In them, six sigma champion candidates learn the major concepts of Six Sigma, the six sigma basic tools, project selection, change management, and how to effectively manage the six sigma black belts within the company.

While the concept of six sigma champion and the tools learned are definitely useful, there are some concerns with the certification process, however. There are no certification standards; rather, the six sigma champion and other levels of certification are obtained by attending pricey training seminars, usually thousands of dollars. These seminars are certainly useful, but with no set standards it is hard to determine what the six sigma master champion as well as the other levels actually "know," as different trainings can result in different principles taught.

Despite this, a six sigma champion has a number of tools and skills that prove to be beneficial to any organization, particularly within the field of manufacturing, where six sigma is well known.

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