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How to become six sigma certified

Are you wondering how you as a company or as an individual can achieve Six Sigma certification?This article will review how you can receive six sigma certification, a process that, when used correctly can greatly improve the productivity of your business along with your customer satisfaction.

One way that you can achieve six sigma certification as an organization is by hiring a certification training company.There are many of these different certification companies that are out there, willing to hire your employees and to teach you six sigma management techniques.These hands-on training courses are specifically designed to help your particular company needs and to help you fix your specific company problems.These training programs will give you a larger, more general framework within which you can work on implementing six sigma tools and approaches to improve product quality and value.These different six sigma training programs will help you learn how to correctly manage already existing processes, working on improving them, and ultimately will help you effectively and efficiently design new processes.

Here's a general run down of what these training problems will do for your company:They will probably give you a general orientation and overview to introduce your company to six sigma.They might perform a simulation that will help give a more hands on understanding of what six sigma is and what six sigma can do for you.They will go over six sigma basics, and performance metrics.They might overview roll-out plans, along with how the customer is involved in six sigma. Another area that the training company should cover when you are working to achieve six sigma certification is how you can build a process management system effectively.Similarly, they should go in depth on how you can and should efficiently and thoroughly implement DMAIC in your company.Two other areas that the training company should cover are project management and project selection.

Now, when you are looking into hiring a six sigma certification and training course from a six sigma training company, there are a few things that you need to remember.Six Sigma training is in depth, difficult, and detailed.A really good and adequate and complete six sigma training will be more than just a couple days.It should be at least several weeks of full time training from certified instructors.If your employees, particularly managers and quality control, are not adequately instructed in six sigma, then you will be achieving nothing except for an enormous waste of money.Six Sigma certification is only really valuable if your employees who are Six Sigma certified have a full and thorough grasp of Six Sigma tools and processes.Adequate and complete six sigma training should also include the completion of particular projects so that tools and approaches can be applied in the real world.

Ultimately, your best approach and option to achieving six sigma certification as a company is to take a two pronged approach.If you have decided that a six sigma approach is right for your company, then it might be worthwhile to first have your employees trained in six sigma, either to a green belt or a black belt level, most efficiently a combination of the two.Going through individual certification first can ensure that your employees really know what's going on with six sigma and that they are competent in using it.Then you might want to hire a training school that will train your entire company by using a specialized approach that is geared specifically towards fulfilling the needs of your company. This is the most efficient and the most effective way to achieve six sigma certification.

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