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How to change over to a new system

Changing to a new system in the manufacturing business can make a huge difference in productivity and profits.A new system can help you stay competitive with other manufacturing companies and bring a company together.Change is also scary though and trying to implement change in a big manufacturing company can take a lot of time and increased effort.Here's how to change over to a new system and not lose a lot of time or money in the process.

Get upper management on board
Change always starts with the upper management.It's difficult to get other employees and co-workers on board with a new idea if your upper management is fighting it.Talk with all upper management leaders and make sure that everyone is on the same page about the new system.If they're not, then go back to the drawing board and work out the kinks so you can figure out what it is they don't like about it.The last thing you need when changing over to a new system is one of your upper management employees ragging about what's happening.

Offer on-site and in-class training
Changing to a new manufacturing system is hard on everyone.Many employees will feel scared and hesitate to change form what they know and what is comfortable to something that is foreign and unknown.In order to help them feel comfortable about the change and help them embrace the idea you need to train them.Offer classes that go over their specific duties on the new system.Let them have some hands on experience with any new equipment before you put them to the grind.Bring in some professionals to help answer any questions they might have about the new system.Basically, do everything in your power to educate them on all the changes so they can be successful.Successful employees makes a successful business.

Don't jump right into things
For some smaller companies it might be in the best interest to just jump into a big change.In manufacturing however it's probably better to implement gradual change.This holds especially true for companies handling large pieces of machinery or equipment.Don't bring in all new equipment and still expect things to run the same as they did yesterday.New equipment or new machinery requires extensive training, patience, and time.If you don't want to totally shut your manufacturing plant down during your system change then implement the system change gradually.Bring in one piece of equipment at a time; train employees on one thing at a time so that it's not "system overload."

Be patient
Change doesn't ever happen over night, especially in a large manufacturing company.Be patient with your employees and be patient with yourself.Take the time you need to train everyone and keep your plant running successfully.Don't put unrealistic expectations on yourself or your employees as everyone is trying to adjust to the changes.

So if you're thinking of making a change, then hopefully these tips will help you change over to a new system with little disruption to the productivity of your company.

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