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How to choose a packing supplier

When you are choosing a packing supplier for your company, you need to look for a company that will be dependable and offer the right prices. Just about anyone can purchase supplies through their local post office or online through their web site. UPS and FedEx also offer free packing supplies to companies that have an account with them. Several other packing suppliers like Uline offer the best quality materials like tape, boxes, scales, and other mailing supplies.

Large businesses and small businesses may need more extensive packing supplies. Some companies need to have their logo printed on the box or they need the box to be a different color instead of brown or white. Larger businesses often need boxes that are able to hold large quantities. The boxes need to be able to withstand weight limits and must be able to hold up as they are shipped out to various locations. Not only are their packing suppliers that offer all the supplies you need, but they may even be able to package and ship your products for you.

The packaging of your product will give buyers their first impression of you. If they ordered the product online, this is the first physical contact they will have with your company. Your buyers need to be able to open the product and be impressed by the packaging of the products and even by the packaging material itself.

Start looking for a packing supplier by using the search engines. If you want generic boxes look for companies like Uline. They can ship you samples of their boxes and other packaging supplies. They are a wonderful company to work with if you are planning on packing and shipping the product yourself. If you need custom boxes, do a search for them. Multiple companies will appear and then it is up to you to contact them about your companies needs.

Good packing suppliers will have excellent customer service. Their agents should be able to provide you with a quote over the phone and email you an estimate within a few hours. Their agents will also be able to answer multiple questions you may have about the company and the packaging supplies. Always ask the packing supplier if they offer a product guarantee. They should stand behind the supplies they sell and offer refunds or exchanges for supplies you are not satisfied with. The boxes should be tested at a certain weight limit and this needs to be stamped on the box.

Another way to select a good packing supplier is to find out their discount rates. Several companies will reduce the cost if your order your packing supplies in bulk. Packing suppliers also often offer free shipping and free gifts like duffle bags for their customers that order a certain amount of products. The web site should be easy to navigate and it should be easy to purchase your supplies online. Once you place your order, there should be an order confirmation page and you will be able to track your orders online.

Local packing suppliers often have an open-door policy where they allow their returning customers to pick up their supplies on-site. Some local companies will even deliver the products for free if you are in close proximity to their warehousing facility.

Check for consumer review web sites about different packing suppliers before you select one. Going over the directory of suppliers before you choose one will help you understand the customer satisfaction rating with these companies and it can make your decision easier. Always compare 2-3 packing suppliers before you choose one. This can help you decide if they offer quality products and if their prices are fair.

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