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How to choose your company's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software


What is ERP software, and what does it do?

ERP software is enterprise resource planning. ERP software integrates the information used by multiple departments of an organization and converts it into one management control system that is unique to your organization, enabling each of these different departments to use the same database. What this does is allows departments to use the same information and share their information in a way that it is usable for other departments. ERP software acts sort of like a liaison between departments, translating communications so that everyone speaks the same language, and knows how the information applies to equipment, people, and money.

How do you choose which ERP software to get?

Due to changes in technology, new trends in the markets, new companies emerging, etc. it has become fairly difficult to choose the right enterprise resource planning solution for your company. You need to choose one that meets our specific requirements completely.

To choose the right ERP software, and the software providing (and supporting) company, analyze the following

  1. The experience of the company in the field.

  2. Company references.

  3. The financial structure and technical issues the company has.

While all ERP software is supposed to do the same thing, not all are going to be adequate for the specific and unique needs your company represents. It is also important to understand that your needs may change rapidly, thus the product must be able to meet the present and potential future requirements in terms of technology and infrastructure. To find the right ERP software for your company, do the following:

  • Test the product

    You would not buy a car without test driving it first, the same should be true for ERP software, until you are actually behind the wheel you may not be able to determine if the car is right for you, no matter how great it looks. If possible, test the product in a client environment that is already using the product. If you can't do this, test it other ways.

  • Speak to references

    People tend to tell you what you want to hear. Do not settle for ERP software company lip service, ask for references of other companies (preferably ones similar to your own) that are using the product. Then talk to the company, they better than anyone else will tell you what you should know about this ERP software, and whether or not it is a good choice for your company, their opinion is generally accurate and unbiased as they have nothing to gain by you purchasing the product.

  • Look toward the future

    ERP software is a big investment, and one that should be made with the present in mind, as it needs to fill your current needs. However, it must not be forgotten that the requirements of companies constantly change and new solutions are needed. You do not want to have to re-invest this kind of money, so choose an ERP product that meets your present requirements and has the flexibility to meet your needs in the long term as well. Even if you have to spend a little extra money to do research and to get a better product, it will cost less and be more time efficient then repurchasing and implementing a new ERP software program.

  • Compare

    Whenever you invest large sums of money it is wise to make at least 3 comparisons. In order to find the best ERP software for your company, you need to make a list of your criteria then compare and assess the ERP software candidate products against these criteria. Then compare them against each other, this is very useful in determining which is best for you and your needs.

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