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How to convert a failing system into a profitable one

Ah, that age-old question. How to convert a failing system into a profitable one. Who to make a bad business better. How to make a good business great. Now, of course, we can't cover all of the important issues involved in this important question in a short article such as this is, but we can look at one or to things that will get any businessperson started.
1. Take a long, hard look at your business, and I mean long and hard. Have you developed a mission statement? Do you know what it is you're trying to accomplish, aside from making money. Your employees need a sense of purpose to perform at their highest levels. Give them one. Come together. Discuss what the needs of the businesses are. Come together to mixperspectives, share challenges, grow closer together. A close company is usually a more effective than a scattered one. Make a missionary statement. Be specific. Where do you want to be in the next few years? What do you see yourself doing? And so forth.

2. Start to get rid of what's unnecessary, i.e., that extra stuff that's been around so long you hardly even recognize it, and yet look at all the harm it's doing. Little things you're buying that you don't need to buy. Lunch breaks that go on longer than they should. Even employees who are no longer useful, but you're such good friends you allow them to set there day after day not producing for your company.
3. Get involved at every level of your business. Don't be content with doing the same thing every day. Don't be offended if you have a particular complaint from a goodemployee, listen to your employees. Often times employees have the best ideas of all. Your purpose is to grow your business and get rich, right. Well, it justmay be that before you start make it to easy street you're going to meet problems in every corner. It's like a maze going round and round . And the more brains involved with fighting that fight, the better. Don't become involved with this sortbusiness by yourself. Find women and women, powerful people, who cam advise you in ways that just may save your business.
4. The key thing to any business is marketing. You've got to know how best to relate to the public, you've got to know what they want, what moves them, what angers them, what makes them feel good about themselves. Don't skimp when it comes to marketing. Put your heart and soul into marketing.
5. Read, read, read. Read what other business greats have had to say. Learn from them. Sit at their feet, as it were, humble yourself, try to mirror your behavior and policies after theirs. You will, of course, eventually find your own style. You'll got at business in your own way. But until then, imitate the masters. Do what they did. Think how they thought. These things don't change over time.
6. Finally, try to think of why you got into business in the first place. If you feel jaded, bored, cynical-do what it takes to get back to that original feeling, that fire you felt when you first became conscious of the teeming huge world and all it's complexities. The more you're able to understand the different sorts of people the more you're able to see the complexities involved in each one, the better businessperson you'll be.
7. This might seem like the strangest advice, but try to get a little culture. Read great books, listen to great music, familiarize yourself with history and countries and with your own business. People trust people who've seemed to sacrifice their whole world to achieve one specific, noble thing.

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