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How to convert to a lean six sigma process

fishingboat37852952.jpg In the manufacturing industry there are many different theories and methods for running the companies. Two of those theories or methods include a process called lean manufacturing and the six sigma manufacturing methodology. Lean manufacturing and six sigma are two of the most effective manufacturing methods that are known throughout the manufacturing world. Manufacturing companies or plants can use both methods of lean manufacturing and six sigma together. Here we will discuss how to convert to a lean six sigma process.

Lean manufacturing is a manufacturing method that is used to help eliminate wastes in the workplace. Lean manufacturing will also help make the process more efficient by reducing process cycle times. Six sigma is method that is used to improve the processes with strategic alignment, customer focus and analytical tools. Both of these methods used together will give a better understanding of problems and the speediest way to fix the problems in order to produce a more perfect product. Lean six sigma will then be the mixture of both these strategies to further benefit your manufacturing company. Using both the lean manufacturing method and the six sigma method will give your company a great advantage in both speed and quality. Let's now take a look at ways to implement both methods together to get the speed and quality advantages.

To begin implementing your custom manufacturing lean six sigma process you should start with a meeting of your upper management personnel and you. Let them know what to expect and how the new manufacturing method will be used. Help any employees understand the processes better and make sure you have everyone ready to commit to a new way of thinking. This will help when implementing the lean six sigma process into your company.

The next step in how to convert to a lean six sigma process is to then have team member meetings in order to let all employees know what is going on. The floor workers will be the most impacted by the change to a lean six sigma process so it is best to let them know what is to be expected. Have a good outline at these meetings in order to help management and employees understand what is going on. Let all employees know that this is a long process but the benefits will greatly improve the company and its profits.

To begin the full convert to a lean six sigma process you will also need to take date according to the six sigma manufacturing strategy. This data collection will help you in finding the problems in your manufacturing business. Once you have the data you will need to analyze it and determine which areas you see need the most work. This is also where you will see the lean manufacturing strategy combine with the six sigma strategy. You will need to look at the wastes of time and efficiency from the data and change those problems first to help streamline the process for a quicker turn around.

This process of data collection and improvement meetings can be on going. But with a lean manufacturing strategy associated with the new program it will be easier to determine where to begin the improvements because lean manufacturing will focus on the speediest way to fix all the wastes seen in the manufacturing of your products.

How to convert to a lean six sigma process can be easy if you are familiar with both manufacturing strategies. The lean six sigma process will help you improve your process while doing it the quickest way possible. The conversion to a lean six sigma process can be ongoing but if all involved are kept informed it should be a smooth conversion.

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