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How to do find replacement parts from companies no longer in business?


When you run a business, and especially a manufacturing business you deal with a lot of tools and machinery on a regular basis. It is through these tools that you are able to assemble whatever product it is that you sell. So, naturally if one of these tools or pieces of machinery were to break down, and need a replacement part, you would want to be able to get that replacement part and have it installed so the machinery can be repaired as quickly as possible.

Now, normally when someone needs a replacement part for something they simply call up the manufacturer, or part supplier and order the need part. However, this is not always as easy as it sounds. Unfortunately you can run into some big road bumps when trying to find replacement parts for some of your equipment.

What kind of road bumps? Well, one of the biggest is that of trying to find a replacement part from a company that is no longer in business. When there is not manufacturer or supplier to call up, how do you get the part to replace the broken one? Most would say.YOU DON'T! However, this is not necessarily the case. There are a few options you can try to find replacement parts from companies that are not longer in business before you give up all hope.

  1. See if they were taken over: brands and big names are an asset, and something that companies work a long time to establish, and thus, often times when a company no longer exists it is because they were bought out by a company that holds a larger part of the market share due to a well established brand name. So, your first option when looking for replacement parts is to see if the company is still in existence, but just operating under a different brand name. If you find they were taken over, often you can simply call the customer service of the take over company, give them the make and model of the replacement part you need, and they can direct you to a comparable part, even if it is not the same name.
  2. Check online auctions: Ebay,, etc.: Another effective way of finding replacement parts from companies that are no longer in business is to check online auction sites. You may find someone who has upgraded their equipment and is selling the same thing you have, and you can use it for parts (though this may be an expensive option), or you may find that when the company went out of business they liquidated their materials, including the part you need, and someone has it and is trying to sell it. Even if you do not find it, you can make an inquiry for it through these types of sites. This is a great way of getting to people all over the place, and you may even have the benefit of finding the product for less money than if you bought it through the manufacturer.
  3. Depending on the product you can check thrift shops, junk yards, yard sales, etc.: this option is much like the above option, but it is still worth mentioning. It is amazing how one man's garbage can be another man's treasure. So, if all else fails, call your local thrift store, and even pawn shops to see if they have the equipment type, or part you need.
  4. Look online: some warehouse still carry specific brands even if no longer in business, so just because the company does not exist doesn't mean that all of their wholesalers, or suppliers have run out of their product. You would be wise to try and nail down a list of who supplied their products, and then contact each of these to determine if they have any of the needed replacement parts still in stock.

Just because a company goes out of business doesn't mean you can't still get their goods, parts, etc. it just means it will be more difficult, and possibly more expensive.

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