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How to find management that can speak Spanish

Just hiring employees you need to go through an extensive interview process before you determine if they are the right fit for your company. Hiring an employee is small time compared to the hiring a manager, employees play an important role in every company, but the role of manager is even more important because they will be acting as a figure head. But hiring a manager can get even harder when you are trying to find management that has certain characteristics, such as the ability to speak Spanish. You want to be sure that you are sending the right message to your employees with the managers you hire.

Difficulty rating: Moderate to difficult

Step one:
Decide what you want in a manger ahead of time and stick to those guidelines. Do not constantly change your requirements. This can lead to disorganization and a slap dash style of management, not everybody will be on the same page. So basically what you are going to need to do is to put in your requirements that you are looking for somebody who speaks Spanish, as well as English and then stick to that requirement.

Step two:
Look to hire from inside the company first. You want your manager to have the same values and morals that your company has. Chances are many of your employees already share those views. What you need to do is look at your current employees to see if any of them have the traits for becoming a manager.

Step three:
Look for people who have different strengths than you. You do not want to hire people who share the same strengths that you do, by having all of your management team strong in marketing and weak in computers you do not have a wide variety of experience to rely on. Also by having different strengths your management team can come up with a wider variety of solutions to problems, and sometimes to fix a problem requires you to think outside the box. But do make sure the share the same values and morals that your company does.

Step four:
Look for somebody with good personal skills. While they may look great on paper, not all people who apply can interact with other employees. Ask them questions that make them explain what they have done in past situations, you can also have a group interview and ask them to give a presentation to view their personal skills.

Step five:
When hiring anybody make sure they fit in with your company and they send a positive message to your employees. By this look for their values and morals, do they fit in with the rest of your management team and your company as a whole? Promoting from inside sends a certain message, such as you want the company to grow internally and you will look inside before you go outside. Also if you hire somebody from outside the company who believes in teamwork you can send the same message because everybody is working together well.

Step six:
Do not just interview people; when looking at a group of people choose some based on the information you have that you do not think will make it, due to lack of leadership skills, their resume looks sloppy, etc. Then while doing the entire interview process put them to the test to see how well they do. Just because they look good or bad on paper does not mean they are the right or wrong person for the job. You need to examine each candidate carefully.

Other tips/resources:
- When hiring a manger, remember, that you want somebody who you feel comfortable with. This person is going to be representing your company in a wide arena and you want this person to look good.
- Do not hire somebody who is weak in leadership skills or who can not make decisions. You want somebody who is going to get the job done in the best manner possible.

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