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How to find wholesale suppliers:

Are you looking to start a business, know the product you want to carry, but haven't yet decided on a wholesale supplier? Well then read on.

Where do you find those ingredients for your upcoming product, products, or services that you can purchase and then sell for enough of a markup - but a reasonable enough prices, to make a profit?

The first place to start would be the Yellow pages. There are not often listings of wholesale suppliers, but there are companies who are currently selling the product that you wish to carry. You can call these companies and ask who their wholesalers are. Now, because you are going to be competition, some of these companies may not want to answer your question, but if you're patience you can typically come up with an answer from at least a few of them.

Second you can contact someone on ebay who is carrying merchandise that you wish to be carrying. You would want to ask these people the same question that you asked those you called out of the Yellow pages. Most sellers have a link that you can click on to contact them. With so many sellers on ebay you will want to contact more than one person to find a number of different wholesalers.

The third option is simply an online directory. These directories are usually free and you can find the item you are looking for and then find wholesalers around the world who are offering that product. Sometimes these directories charge a fee to be listed in them, and so the wholesalers you find may be a little more costly because they are looking to make up the fees they have paid for you to find them. However, an online directory is typically a good and direct source.

Your fourth option is hiring a company to do the finding for you. These companies are found online as well and they are there simply to be the middleman. Now if you are looking for a wholesaler it is because you want to cut out the middle man and find a product that you can mark up enough to sustain your company. Hiring a company to find a wholesaler for you, make cut out from that profit margin just a little. For a small company, this probably isn't the wisest choice since you are going to start with such a small profit to begin with. However for larger companies that are simply looking to extend their product line, this may be a good choice as it will cut out you having to put all the work into finding someone yourself (which in the end might be just as costly).

Your fifth option is attending a trade show. Trade shows are sponsored once a year by a lot of wholesalers who come together to offer their product to people just like you. By attending these trade shows you can talk personally with the owner or representative of these companies and by so doing possibly find someone you are more compatible with. Las Vegas holds trade shows often for companies and it may be worth looking into to find when the products you are interested in are being offered.

Your last option is to find someone in China. There is a lot of merchandise available in China for a fraction of the price it is available in the United States. If the product you are offering is available there, it is a good idea to find a contact there that will do business with you. The product then can be directly sent from China to the consumer, or the products can be sent in bulk to you to sell directly from your place of business.

There are many different ways to get in contact with a wholesale supplier, find which one works best for you and go at it!

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