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How to get your customers to come back over and over:

Gaining a returning customer takes more than just carrying a good product, it also takes being a good company.

When you decide on a product or service, and you're ready to open your business, you have to do some market research (because chances are you are not the only one carrying that product or offering that service).

You must look into the current market and find out how saturated it is with the product you are planning on carrying. If there is a real need for your product, then you will not have to do as much competing to get customers into your store. If the market is saturated with your product then you will have to really establish why your product is superior to others before you'll want to start selling.

While researching the market it will be important to find out if what is being offered is satisfying the customers needs. Are there changes you could make to the product that would make it better, are there currently things being offered that the customers like about the product that you need to make sure and copy? Knowing the customers needs and wants will certainly help in the end to bring you returning customers.

Once you have done some market research and you feel your product is up to the standard and you release it out into the market, and then is the time to be the superior company. How can you be a superior company?

When you promote your product promote it honestly. Do not advertise a normal size of your product for a certain price, but when customers come in to purchase the product offer them something much smaller. Advertise honestly.

Offer freebies. If you can afford it, a great way to find returning customers is by including a free product (even if it's trial size) in with your promotion. I once had a business man tell me that anyone who was confident enough in their product to let you try it for free was someone who was probably carrying a good product. This will help you also to gain the customers trust, if you truly believe in your product, then why shouldn't they?

Learn to listen to your customers. Be the company that understands, the listens, and that solves a problem rather than shoves it under the carpet. Don't believe so much in your product that you're not open to suggestions, if it didn't work for one reason for a certain customer chances are there are dozens more having the same problem. If a customer feels you are truly listening, whether you can do anything about it or not, they will return.

Be a company that is happy to take something back. If your product didn't work for someone, take it back. Let them know you know not everything is going to work for everyone, thank them for at least giving it a try. If you take things back with a smile your customers are going to remember you. Even if your product didn't work for them, a returning customer does not always mean the same customer, a returning customer is someone who goes out and tells their family and friends how great you treated them. And then, even though the product didn't work for that particular person, when their friends are in the market, they will still suggest you. Creating a returning customer is simply about treating the customer superior to other companies, having a great customer service.

Creating returning customers is not just about the superior product, but it is also about the superior customer service.

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