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How to give your manufacturing plant a more competitive edge



To those of us who know little about the industry of manufacturing, we probably do not see plant owners as having to compete with each other over business.To the average person manufacturing plants have little applicability to our every-day purchasing decisions.But consider the global market and the manufacturing industry's applicability there.In addition to having competition here in the United States, manufacturers must continue to stay competitive in international markets as well.With the prevalence of outsourcing and the accessibility of global resources, the manufacturing industry is in fact in a constant battle with competitors.All the while that the manufacturing industry is trying to stay ahead of their competition and please their customers, industry regulations and compliance issues continue to be strictly enforced.Add to this pressure the increase in consumer demands that has been placed on manufacturing plants to be more innovating, earth-friendly and to produce high-quality products quickly and you can see why manufacturing plants could use any competitive edge available.


It is no wonder that those in the manufacturing industry are looking for ways to give their plants a competitive edge.As the profitability of operating a manufacturing plant continues to shrink a manufacturer can only continue to be profitable through finding ways to be more appealing to the customer than the competition.Below you will find several suggestions of how you can give your manufacturing plant a more competitive edge.

How to give your manufacturing plant a more competitive edge

  1. Reduce costs- Quite simply put, if you can make a product for less than your competitors, you can pass those savings along to your customers and gain your advantage that way.
  2. Find a strategy- Some of the most effective ways of reducing costs include strategies such as outsourced manufacturing, lean or demand-driven manufacturing initiatives, postponement, and shared services. When given specific applicability to your plant, these strategies can give you a huge advantage over those who may not choose to strategize.
  3. Exceed at meeting customer demands - Leave no doubt in the eyes of your customers that when they choose to do business with you they have made the best decision possible.Meet your customer's demands by getting them the products that they need faster, by offering custom work, by adding packaging costs to the purchase price, etc.Remember that your customer comes first and build loyalty.
  4. Innovation - Being innovative in your manufacturing means that you know how to plan proactively, you have a cohesive company vision, that you can adapt quickly to change and that you can provide new products to your customers more quickly than anyone else.

Other tips

Of course, gaining a competitive edge and improving plant operations go hand in hand.You win twice!In the cyclical process of making improvements and gaining a competitive edge you can guide your manufacturing company to greater and greater success.Even to the point that one day you will have other manufacturing plants struggling to compare to your operation.Make your increased efforts known to your customers.

After all, the whole point of being more competitive is to appeal more to the buyers.If customers do not perceive an increased value in the product that you are offering, then your efforts are hardly beneficial.Give your manufacturing plant a more competitive edge by continuing to top your best company performances.It is safe to say that even the most efficient companies are always striving to find ways to improve.This same attitude of continual progress and improvement is necessary to gain and keep your competitive edge.

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