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How to handle shipping of finished products

In the manufacturing business, figuring out how to handle shipping of finished products can be difficult.You have a great company that creates a great product, so how do you get it to your consumer without it ending up in a million pieces?

Wood Crates
If you are shipping large items that may have parts and such to them you can use large wood crate to ship your products in.There are companies that actually specialize in making crates for your special needs.One such company is called "Caseworks."They provide a variety of standard and custom sizes of wood shipping and storage crates.These crates could ultimately be a dream for large manufacturing companies, especially with the option of being able to custom order them.You can order them with hinges, handles, locking mechanisms, and they come with foam encasing inside the crate to protect from breaking and so forth.If you have a product that can fit into something like a wood crate, try thinking about using one as it can ensure the safety of shipping your finished products.

Shipping Perishable Products
If you manufacture products that may be perishable in shipping there are many federal rules that govern their shipment.They are set by the United States Department of Transportation and International Air Transport Association.One way to transport the perishable item is to freeze it or refrigerate it during the transport process.You can also ship them by using Temperature-controlled shipping.

Temperature-controlled shipping
Because there are so many different kinds of manufacturing plants with different products there are a variety of ways to handle the shipping of finished manufactured products.Temperature-controlled shippers controls the temperature during a transport to protect frozen foods, biomedical items, or protected medical drugs.As many of the products that need shipped from a manufacturing plant are victim to the temperature, this ensures the safe arrival of the finished product.There are many quality and safety programs that have worked diligently to raise awareness about the importance of "cold chain" handling in storing and shipping products.If this sounds like something you need to use with your manufactured products then keep reading.Temperature-controlled shipping does many things.
- Some products like vaccines must stay within a specific temperature or the effectiveness of the product is altered.By sending your finished products in a temperature-controlled environment you are guaranteeing safe arrival and a working product.
- When you use temperature control in shipping you are also ensuring the product quality.Some products have tastes, textures, and colors that can be changed during transport.
- Saves in shipping costs by about sixty percent.
There are some different options when it comes to sending your finished products using temperature control.
1. Dry Ice.Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide and very cold.It will change directly from a solid to gas during the thawing process.It is used to ship perishable product because it will not saturate the package and product with water.However if you do not know how to use it properly when transporting it can cause explosions, suffocation, and contact hazards.
2. Insulated packaging.This would include but is not limited to such things as foam, or vacuum panels.Anything that helps absorb the tosses and turns.
3. Reflective barrier material
4. Phase-change materials.This includes such things as gel packs or blankets.There are advantage and disadvantages to using gel packs.Some advantages are that they are reusable which make them very cost effective, they are safe for air shipment; they can reduce the amount of insulation need to ship your products, and stay colder much longer than ice.Some disadvantages to gel packs are that they must work together with insulating shippers, they usually will not provide the adequate insulation and cushioning for the product, and they must be prepared just before you use them.

So in determining how to handle shipping of finished products is determined on what type of product you will be shipping.There are many different ways to ship things, for many different products.

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