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How to implement six stigma principles at low cost

Low cost is the key these days, and when it comes to something as important as implementing six stigma principles into your business, you've got to figure out a way to do it, and what's more to do it immediately. Here are some tips on how to implement six stigma principles at low cost.
1. First of all, identify exactly which principles your company's in need of. Now, this may be easier said than done. Sure, you can sort of skim over things and say we need this and that, we need more motivation, employee accountability, record keeping, and so on. But these are typical to every company. Not to say that your company doesn't particularly need them, but you should know your company as well as you know your own family (or almost as well, at least). That way, youwon't be spending your hard-earned dollars on something that can wait, or something that you could address yourself without the hassle of brining in outside sources.

2. GET TO KNOW THE PROGRAMS. I can't stress this enough. It's not enough to simply look at their name, or simply at a paragraph in a pamphlet describing their chief function or whatever. No, you've got to get in there and really study this stuff. I mean, you'll not only get to know the programs that way, you'll not only find out what's best for your company, you'll learn things such as prices etc. In other words, do your research. Think of yourselves as a scholar of the six stigma principles.
3. Figure out exactly what you need from each principle. In other words, don't buy the whole horse if all you need is his gorgeous, flowing mane. Well, that's not the best analogy for it. But you get the picture I think. Once you've done your research into the right principles for your company, research those principles as well.
4. Shop around. As a businessperson you know this better than anyone else. SHOP AROUND. Don't get excited by the principles, see how they'd help your company, and immediately purchase them. Remember, there's always a better deal. You owe it to yourself to find something that's no only effective, bus as affordable as possible.
5. Sometimes you can find opportunities with the six principles that allow you to get discounts etc. There are special programs offered, tit for tat sort of deals, where your company is used as a testing-ground for this or that principle. Take advantage of these, too. There's no harm in being a lab rat if there are enough perks thrown in. You've got to be thinking of your company all the time. You've got to be thinking of how the six stigma principles will help your company, and, if you decide that you're company can't do without them, you've got to do whatever it takes to bring them in.
6. Finally, learn how to teach the principles that you think your company needs. Remember, you can absorb a lot of the principles just by hearing a presentation on them. Remember what you hear; write it down; teach it to your company. Then, once you see how well they're working, you can perhaps move on to the whole picture. This is a technique used in all walks in life. You go to a bookstore, pop open a book, scan the necessary pages, take what you need from them, and go out and apply them into whatever part of life requires them.

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