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How to improve your seven step quality manufacturing process

They key to having a successful business is having a good quality product that the customers demand.Everyone is looking for ways to improve their business, whether it is getting more customers with advertising, or improving your product.There are many ways that a business can improve it's self.For instance if you have a manufacturing system that is not quite up to standards on producing a high quality product, you are going to want to find a way to improve that.Lets say you have a seven step quality manufacturing process, there are ways that you can improve that and we will talk about them now.
Every business has their own idea of what their seven step manufacturing is; basically it is the process they go through with their product to produce a quality product.Here are some examples of seven step manufacturing processes with different products.

- This company produces a berry drink.
-The first step in the process would be choosing the right berries for their drink.They can't just choose any berry that they see.The berries go through an inspection process to insure that they are high quality.They have to be perfectly ripe for the drink to taste the best.This company can improve this process by having a team of individuals whose job is to examine the berries and choose only the best.
-The second step in the production of this juice would be to purify the berries and do a double inspection.In this process the berries will be cleaned and ready for the next step.The company can improve this step by treating the berries in a special harm free product so that the berries get clean and the product is not compromised.
-The third step would be the extracting the juice from the berries.All the seeds and stems will be removed and the berries will be in a pureed form.The company may have to use several different methods before they find the right one for the juice extraction.
-The fourth step would be analysis of the juice. The researchers will check for nutrients in the juice.They will also check for the presence of pesticides.This step will call for the right equipment to be able to determine the quality of the product.
-the fifth step involves a cold blending process.The product will go through a cold blender with all the ingredients necessary for completion.The right ingredients and working equipment will ensure a quality product.
-The product will then be put into their shipping bottles.The company will ensure that the bottles are able to keep the product fresh.
- The final step will the final testing of the finished product to ensure that is has all its best qualities.Once the product is at its best it is ready for the customer.
The example of the juice companies seven step quality process is simple.The seven step process for you company might not be so simple.The idea is to know what your product goes through for completion.Make a list for your own knowledge and the knowledge of your employees.Get your employees involved by having meetings to discuss possible improvements.Before you start improving your seven step quality manufacturing process you first have to know what your entire manufacturing process is.Once you know where your improvements are needed it will be easier to start the steps necessary for improving your manufacturing process.

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