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How to keep up with OSHA compliance measures

If you don't keep up with OSHA compliance measures, your sunk. OSHA compliance measures are serious things-no different than any other law-if you fail to follow them, consequences follow. Therefore, the question arises: How do I keep up with them? How do I make sure that I follow them closely enough that both me and my company are safe from potential trouble? These are questions that every manufacturer needs to keep in mind as often as possible. Now, that doesn't mean that your day need be totally consumed by such questions. You're a busy person, you've got a wide array of responsibilities. The ideal thing would be to be so compliant with OSHA that it's not something you have to worry about all the time, and to have people (or, if not people, yourself) scheduling regular times to learn about updates and additions to OSHA. So:
1. The first step on keeping up with OSHA compliance measures, then, is to keep up with them. That is, you should not only be familiar with OSHA compliance measures, you should keep track of where they are going. All this means is that you have plenty of work ahead of you, and by work I mean studying. You've got some reading to do. Now, if you can hire other men and women to do that reading, great. But the reading has got to be done, no matter what. The OSHA publishes its information both on the Internet and in pamphlets and books. Be aware of those Internet sites, be aware of those book and pamphlets, and, most importantly, be aware of what's inside of them.

2. The second step in keeping up with OSHA compliance measures is to regularly train your employees in them. Hold regular meetings, every few months or so, so that everyone's abreast of changes, so that everyone has a review of what they already need to know. Training is one of the best way to keep up with OSHA compliance measures. When new employees come in, train them in those OSHA regulation measures right off the bat. There's not a moment to lose when it comes to something so important.
3. The fourth way to keep up with OSHA compliance measures is to actually invite OSHA people in to train you and your people, investigate your business for any potential weaknesses, and bring you totally up to date with the latest standards. Now, it may be that you're so far behind those standards it would be detrimental to have an OSHA person come in. But if you're fairly confident that you've got nothing to hide, and that your business would only improve by having one of the "experts" come in, go ahead and do it.
4. The fourth way to keep up with OSHA compliance measures is to learn which measures are most important to the OSHA and which are the least important. Focus on the important ones first. Usually, if a person can see that you've broken your back to follow the most important rules, they'll be lenient when it comes to other rules. Now, it could also mean no leniency whatsoever, but it's a general principle to keep in mind. If you feel overwhelmed by all those OSHA measures, start where you can. Start where it's simple. Take it one step at a time, with the eventual goal of perfection (or a near to perfection as possible).
5. The fifth way to keep up with OSHA compliance measures is to talk to other manufacturing businesses and learn from them. Even if they're your competitors, especially if they're your competitors, learn from them. What mistakes did they make? What tricks have they learned? And so forth.

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