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How to overhaul your company based on six sigma ideas

powercables63552065.jpg If you are a manager of an office or a senior management member of a business owner, you've probably heard a lot about six sigma management.And if you've heard about six sigma, then you might be wondering : "How do I convert my process to six sigma?"This article will go through how you can convert your process to six sigma in order to increase quality, efficiency and process and product value.

Six sigma has been one of the most popular and one of the most publicized quality control management programs in the last few decades.Six sigma, in a nutshell, uses different statistical and analytical tools in order to improve the quality of your processes and the value of your products, based on consumer perceived value. Six sigma presents you with a box of different tools and techniques that you can use in order to improve your processes, including ways to measure, analyze, define, and control your processes.

So you've heard all about six sigma.And you probably already know all about how six sigma works and what it can offer you.So how can you convert your processes and the way that you are managing your processes to six sigma management and quality control?There are a few steps that you can go through in order to convert your processes to six sigma.The first thing that you need to do is to hold a company training meeting to introduce six sigma approach to your company.See, there are really two different things that you have to achieve in order to convert your process to six sigma.First, you have to use all of the technical tools and techniques that six sigma utilizes to improve processes and products.But second, you have to convert the mindset and the approach of your employees.This might end up being the hardest part of converting your process to six sigma: you have to change the paradigm within which your employees think and the ways that they work.

Six sigma should be looked at as a business strategy, and should overall implemented as such.To be perfectly honest, you will want to think quite seriously about bringing in outside help in order to train your employees on how to implement six sigma and how to overhaul your processes in order to improve quality and value.Six sigma should not be seen as just another project that you will be using for just a short amount of time.It's worth it to bring in the experts, because six sigma is a serious commitment.So, first, you need to convert your management.Your management members will be the ones who will be overseeing the implementation of six sigma, and they have to be willing to go all the way with it.Second, you need to rebuild your infrastructure based on six sigma policies and guidelines.This infrastructure should include basic things like how you are going to choose your black belts, and how you will be valuing your six sigma processes.You have to go through and implement and design these support systems before you start training.Third, begin your training.Your outside company will help you design a training program that will be perfect for your company and what your company needs.This will include who will be certified for which level of belt (yellow, green, or black), how your hierarchy will be organized, etc.And don't forget that after you start your training, continuously monitor the training and the development of your program.Six sigma is not just a training workshop; it's an entirely different way to do business.Finally, continue to monitor and to control the processes and the approaches that you have decided on during your six sigma training process.Six sigma is meant to be a continuous reevaluation and fine tuning of your processes.If you just see six sigma as being a one-time thing, then it won't be effective and it won't be worth your money and time.

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